Links to Other Psalm-Related Websites

Afrikaans-Geneefse Psalmboek
(courtesy of Josef du Toit)

Ashkenazi/Sefardim Torah Leining/Reading MP3 Audio

Athanasius on the Psalms

Bicinia for the Genevan Psalter (Christoph Dalitz, 2009)

Blogging on the Psalms,
(Notes from a Byzantine-Rite Calvinist)

Book of Praise
Proposed revised text
(Canadian Reformed Churches)

Book of Psalms for Singing (RPCNA)

Branislav Micieta's Psalms in Slovak

Calvin Institute of Christian Worship links

Calvin's Preface to the Psalter

Chabanel Psalms

Debrecen College Cantus (Hungary)

Dust: The Psalter Kata Bob

Exclusive Psalmody

The Genevan Psalms in Italian and French

Genevan Psalter in Korean  English translation
(칼빈의 제네바 시편찬송가)

The Genevan Psalter Resource Center

The Huguenot Psalter

Journey with the Psalms (Beth Lantinga)

Lovers of metrical psalmody: Facebook group

Melodies of David's Psalter (Psałterz Dawidów)

Metrical psalter

Music for the Church of God: Psalters

The One Stop Psalm Shop (facebook page)

Prose Psalm Singing (Sarah Noll)

Psalm and Hymn tunes from Liedboek voor de Kerken

Die Psalmen in Deutsch

De Psalmen in hollands (1773 berijming)

The Psalm Project English

The Psalm Project Youtube Channel English

The Psalms and Hymns of Isaac Watts

Psalms, Canticles & Scriptural Songs

Psalms in Hungarian (Zsoltárok)

Psalms of David in Metre
(Scottish Psalter of 1650)

The Psalms of David - Sung a cappella (Scottish Psalter of 1650)

Psalms sung by Dinnyés József (Hungarian)

Psalter of 1912

Les Psaumes de David 1729 (Conrart-La Bastide)

Salterio de Ginebra (en español)

Saltério Reformado (Português)

Seedbed Psalter

Sons of Korah on the Psalms

t'hilim: A blog dedicated to the Psalms

Complete prose Psalters online:

Polyglot Psalms

Douay-Rheims Bible

Miles Coverdale
(Book of Common Prayer)

Geneva Bible

King James Version

Revised Standard Version

The Grail Psalter

Revised Grail Psalter

New American Bible

New Skete Psalter

Book of Common Prayer
(US, 1979)

Common Worship
(Church of England)

New International Version

New Jerusalem Bible

English Standard Version

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