The Genevan Psalter
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Metrical psalms set to be sung
to the proper melodies
of the
Genevan Psalter,

plus eight nonGenevan Psalms,
twelve canticles
and five extrabiblical hymns

versified by

David T. Koyzis, Ph. D.

Copyright © 1982-2012 by David T. Koyzis
All rights reserved

Psalm 1

PDF files

(10 10 11 11 10 10)

                        How blest are they who keep from evil ways,
                        who heed not sinful counsel all their days,
                        nor seek the company of wicked scoffers,
                        but take delight in all the Lord God offers
                        within the statutes of his holy Law:
                        both day and night they ponder it with awe.

                        They are like trees that grow beside the stream,
                        whose fruitful limbs with ripened bounty teem,
                        whose verdant leaves will fade and wither never;
                        all that they undertake in faith will ever
                        be blessed by God with great prosperity.
                        But wicked ones a different lot shall see.

                        For they, like chaff, before the wind are blown
                        and will not last before the judgement throne,
                        nor will they stand in council of the holy.
                        But God protects all those who follow solely
                        the paths of virtue and of righteousness,
                        while death shall stalk the ways of wickedness.

or more literally:

                       How blest the man who keeps from evil ways,
                       who heeds not sinful counsel all his days,
                       nor seeks the company of wicked scoffers,
                       but takes delight in all the LORD God offers
                       within the statutes of his holy Law:
                       both day and night he ponders it with awe.

                       He's like a tree that grows beside the stream,
                       whose fruitful limbs with ripened bounty teem,
                       whose verdant leaves will fade and wither never;
                       all that he undertakes in faith will ever
                       be blessed by God with great prosperity.
                       But wicked ones a different lot shall see.

                       For they, like chaff, before the wind are blown
                       and will not last before the judgement throne,
                       nor will they stand in council of the holy.
                       But GOD protects all those who follow solely
                       the paths of virtue and of righteousness,
                       while death shall stalk the ways of wickedness.

Psalm 2

PDF file

(10 11 10 11 11 10 11 10)

Why do the unbelieving nations rage,
and all the peoples vent their furious anger?
The rulers of the earth take up their stand
against the LORD and his anointed, crying:
“Let us now break their shackles that surround us,
and cast away the cords that tie us down.”
The LORD regards all rebels with derision;
laughing in scorn from where he dwells above.

All renegades must answer to God’s wrath;
he strikes the disobedient heart with terror.
“I have set up in Zion,” he proclaims,
“my chosen king upon my holy mountain.”
I will declare the word the LORD has given:
“You are my son, I’ve fathered you today.
If you but ask, I’ll give you all the nations
as your possession to earth’s farthest end.

"Under your sceptre you shall bring them all,
breaking their sovereignty like potter’s vessels."
Therefore, you rulers, seek that which is wise.
Kings of the earth, attend and hear his warning.
Worship the LORD above with fear and trembling;
and kiss his feet lest he in wrath destroy.
For his great fury quickly is awakened.
Blessed are all who find their help in him.

Note: Underscored syllable indicates two-note melisma.

Psalm 5

PDF file

(988 95)

                                LORD, let my words receive a hearing,
                                and think upon my restless sighs;
                                my God and King, attend my cries.
                                LORD, as the day breaks I implore you
                                and pray before you.

                                You, God, do not delight in evil;
                                with you the wicked find no place,
                                boasters are banished from your face.
                                You put an end to the deceitful,
                                spurning the hateful.

                                But through the fullness of your mercy,
                                I enter in your dwelling place
                                and worship you before your face.
                                In righteous ways, O LORD, now guide me,
                                and stand beside me.

                                The wicked's lies cannot be trusted;
                                their thoughts are as an open tomb,
                                their tongues are filled with words of doom.
                                May their intrigues recoil upon them,
                                their guilt be on them.

                                Let all exult who seek your shelter;
                                joyfully may they ever sing.
                                Shield them with your protecting wing.
                                To all the righteous you show favour,
                                you are their saviour.

Psalm 6

PDF file

(776 D)

                                O LORD, do not chastise me,
                                nor in your wrath despise me.
                                Be merciful, O LORD.
                                My strength is slowly failing,
                                my bones within are wailing:
                                how long, how long, O LORD?

                                Turn to me, LORD, and save me;
                                Rescue me in your mercy,
                                and show your loving ways.
                                In death who will remember?
                                for in its endless slumber
                                no one can sing your praise.

                                Weary am I with groaning;
                                through many nights of moaning
                                I drench my bed with tears.
                                My eyes are sore from grieving,
                                since foes who are deceiving
                                have preyed upon my fears.

                                Out of my sight, transgressors!
                                fly from me, cruel oppressors!
                                The LORD has heard my cries.
                                He's answered my petitions;
                                my enemies' ambitions
                                have met their sure demise.

                                                              Note: Underscored syllable indicates three-note melisma.

Psalm 8

PDF file

(11 11 10 10)

                        O LORD, our Lord, your name excels creation!
                        Your glory far surpasses every nation.
                        Out of the mouths of children flows your praise
                        to silence rebels who forsake your ways.

                        When I behold the works your hands have moulded —
                        sun, moon and stars across the sky unfolded —
                        what can we be that you a thought should spare,
                        we creatures frail that we should own your care?

                        Yet you have made us to reflect your splendour,
                        crowned us with glory and with highest honour,
                        placed us as stewards over all you've made;
                        beneath our feet your earthly realm is laid.

                        Earth's flocks and herds your people you have given,
                        beasts wild and tame, and birds that soar through heaven;
                        fish in the sea you've given us to claim,
                        O LORD, our Lord, how excellent your name!

or more literally:

                        O LORD, our Lord, your name excels creation!
                        Your glory far surpasses every nation.
                        Out of the mouths of children flows your praise
                        to silence rebels who forsake your ways.

                        When I behold the works your hands have moulded —
                        sun, moon and stars across the sky unfolded —
                        man, what is he that you a thought should spare,
                        the son of man that he should own your care?

                        Yet you have made him to reflect your splendour,
                        crowned him with glory and with highest honour,
                        placed him as steward over all you've made;
                        beneath his feet your earthly realm is laid.

                        Earth's flocks and herds in grace to him you've given,
                        beasts wild and tame, and birds that soar through heaven;
                        fish in the sea you've given him to claim,
                        O LORD, our Lord, how excellent your name!

Psalm 9

PDF files (parts 1 & 2)

(88 99)

                                Wholehearted thanks I give you, LORD,
                                I will tell of your wondrous deeds.
                                In you will I exult and be glad;
                                O Most High, I will sing your praises.

                                When all my foes were in retreat,
                                stumbling, perishing at your sight,
                                you did defend me and uphold me,
                                upon your throne you gave me justice.

                                All wicked nations you rebuke,
                                evermore blotting out their names.
                                Their cities vanished — ruined for good;
                                their memory never will survive them.

                                See that the LORD reigns evermore,
                                he sets up his majestic throne;
                                with righteousness he judges the world,
                                he rules all people with his justice.
                                God is a stronghold for the weak
                                and a refuge in troubled times.
                                Called by your name, our trust is in you,
                                you've not forsaken those who seek you.

                                Sing songs of praise to Zion's LORD,
                                tell the nations of all his works.
                                He who avenges will remember,
                                he is not deaf to the afflicted.

                                Pity me, LORD, look on my plight,
                                bring me back from the gates of death
                                that in the gates of Zion's daughters
                                I might rejoice in your salvation.

                                The nations sink into the pit,
                                caught in snares they themselves have laid.
                                The LORD pronounces judgement on them,
                                he traps the wicked with their own works.

                                May all the wicked come to grief!
                                Godless nations shall be brought down.
                                But those in need are not forgotten,
                                the poor man's hope will never perish.

                                Rise, LORD, let not mere men prevail,
                                for all nations must come to trial.
                                Into their hearts strike terror, O Lord,
                                let nations know they are but mortal.

Psalm 12

PDF file

(11 10 11 10)

                        Help us, O LORD, for none remain that love you;
                        truth has departed from humanity.
                        Speaking deceitfully to one another,
                        false people utter words of vanity.

                        Ruin awaits the tongue that smoothly flatters
                        and all whose mouths are filled with insolence.
                        Those who in haughty words seek their protection
                        find that their boasts afford them no defence.

                        "For all the weak who suffer from oppression,
                        for those whose need is great I will arise."
                        Thus says the Lord, "My safety will I grant them
                        and ease the burden of their mournful sighs."

                        God's holy word is sure and ever steadfast,
                        faithful his cov'nant to all humankind;
                        his promises are pure as finest silver,
                        unalloyed silver seven times refined.

                        Maintain us, LORD, for ever in your keeping;
                        guard and defend us from this evil horde.
                        On every side the wicked seek to harm us,
                        while roguish men are held in high regard.

Psalm 13

PDF file


How long, O L
ORD, must I endure?
Will you forget me for ever?
Shall I look on your visage never?
How long shall my soul constant pain endure,
and my poor heart be in sorrow?

Shall my foes have the victory?
Answer me, LORD; hear my pleading!
Lighten my eyes – my voice be heeding –
lest mortal sleep should overpower me,
and enemies think me vanquished.

Though my foes sneer at my distress,
yet your love is my foundation.
My heart is glad at your salvation.
I raise my song the faithful LORD to bless,
for he has treated me kindly.

Psalm 14

PDF file

(10 11 11 10 4)

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”
Their deeds are vile; not one of them is righteous.
The LORD looks down upon his human creatures
to see if there are any that are wise
and seek for God.

But all alike have wandered from his ways;
they are corrupt and none remains who’s upright.
Have they no knowledge – all these evildoers,
who eat my people, and would never call
upon the LORD?

Terror shall overwhelm their very lives,
but God will take the side of all the righteous.
You who would sabotage the plans of the poor;
know that the LORD God is a refuge sure
for all the poor.

Who, who will now deliver Israël?
O that salvation might come out of Zion!
that when the LORD restores his people’s fortunes,
Jacob will then rejoice, and Israël
find happiness.

Psalm 15

PDF file


Who may abide, LORD, in your tent?
Who may ascend your holy mountain?
Those who are blameless in their walk,
faithfully doing what is right,
who from their hearts the truth have spoken,

who do not slander with their tongues,
and work no evil on their neighbours,
nor bring reproach upon a friend.
Their eyes despise the sinner's ways,
but those who fear the LORD they honour.

They keep the vows that they have made,
even to their own disadvantage.
They freely lend to those in need;
they never can be swayed by bribes.
All who do good shall not be shaken.

Psalm 19

PDF file

(666 666 667 667)

The heavens high above
tell out with all their power
the glory of our God;
the spacious firmament
that overlooks the earth
proclaims his handiwork.
Each passing day hands on
the word it has received
to greet the coming morning.
The darkness of the night
has told the good news to
the next approaching evening.

There is no sound to hear,
no words for them to speak,
no voice for them to raise.
And yet their “voice” goes out
to cover all the earth;
their “words” are spread abroad.
High up above our heads
he’s pitched a dazzling tent
to house the sunlight’s splendour;
Much as a bridegroom leaves
his chamber, so the sun
will run its course rejoicing.

It rises from the distant
reaches of the sky
to make its daily path
across the vault of heav’n
to where it sets at last;
its heat cannot be fled.
Perfection is the law
our gracious LORD proclaims
to quicken drooping spirits.
The witness of the LORD
is steadfast and bestows
its wisdom on the simple.

The precepts of the LORD
are trustworthy and sure,
making the heart rejoice.
Our holy LORD’s commands
are righteous and are pure,
enlightening the eyes.
To love and fear the LORD
is purity itself,
eternally enduring.
The judgements of the LORD
are certainty and truth,
and upright altogether.

They’re more to be desired
than treasures made of gold,
even the finest gold.
Sweeter by far are they
than honey dripping from
the sweetest honeycomb.
Your servant’s heart is formed
by keeping your commands,
which bring reward and honour.
But which of us can see
the errors in ourselves?
Keep me from all transgression.

O keep your servant now
from yielding to the sin
of overweening pride.
Let not it master me;
then I shall blameless be
and innocent of sin.
Let all the words that flow
out of my open lips
and my heart’s meditation
be worthy in your sight,
O gracious LORD above,
my rock and my redeemer.

Psalm 23

PDF files

(11 11 11 11 11 11)

The LORD's my shepherd, near to me abiding.
I nothing lack, for he has been providing.
In pastures green he lets me lie at leisure,
by quiet waters leads me at his pleasure;
there in his love he graciously revives me.
For his name's sake in righteous ways he guides me.

Though I be stalked by shadows fast approaching,
or valleys walk while darkness is encroaching,
I will not fear, for evil cannot touch me;
with you beside me foes may never crush me.
Your rod and staff are there for my protection,
they comfort me and offer sure direction.

Richly you spread your table to receive me
before my foes, who vainly would deceive me.
Your precious oil anoints my head with kindness;
my cup flows over with a heart of gladness.
Goodness and mercy shall forsake me never,
and in the LORD's house I will dwell for ever.

or more literally:

The LORD's my shepherd, I shall want for nothing.
He makes me lie in pastures lush and verdant.
He leads me to refreshing waters flowing,
restores my strength, leads me to righteous pathways
for his name's sake. Though I may walk in darkness,
I will not fear; for you are always with me.

Your rod and staff provide me constant comfort.
Before my foes, a feast you are preparing.
My head with finest oil you have anointed;
with you my cup is full to overflowing.
Goodness and mercy all my days pursue me,
and in the LORD's house I will dwell for ever.

Psalm 24

PDF file

(889 D)

                                The earth belongs to the LORD God,
                                the world and all that dwell therein;
                                he founded it upon the ocean,
                                resting it firm on the waters.
                                Who may ascend to Zion's hill,
                                or stand upon God's holy mountain?

                                Those who have clean hands and pure hearts,
                                who do not worship idol gods
                                or falsely swear, may come before him.
                                They will receive the LORD's blessing
                                and vindication from their God.
                                Such is the lot of all who seek him.

                                Lift up your heads, O you portals!
                                Be lifted up, you ancient doors,
                                so that our glorious King may enter.
                                Who is this King of all glory?
                                The LORD, so full of power and might,
                                for he is strong to win the battle.

                                Lift up your heads, O you portals!
                                Be lifted up, you ancient doors,
                                so that our glorious King may enter.
                                Who is this King of all glory?
                                The LORD with all his heav'nly host,
                                the ever-reigning King of glory.

Psalm 27

PDF file

    (11 10 11 10 10 10 10 10)

The LORD God is my light and my salvation;
of whom then shall I ever be afraid?
A stronghold is the LORD for my protection;
why should I fear or come to be dismayed?
When evil people try to work their will
to bring destruction down upon my head,
those who have sworn themselves my enemies
will fall before they do me harm instead.

Though I’m besieged by armies all around me,
my heart will not be overwhelmed with fear;
if I be caught up in the strife about me,
my confidence will overcome all fear.
One thing I ask the LORD to grant to me:
to live within his house for ever more,
to see the beauty of the living LORD,
to stand at ready at his temple door.

For he will keep me hidden in his shelter
against that time when troubles come my way;
under the cover of his tent he’ll hide me,
and place me high upon a rock to stay.
Now I can hold my head up and stand tall
above my many foes who round me throng.
Offerings with joy I’ll sacrifice to him,
and to the LORD intone melodious song.

LORD, hear me when my cry is brought before you,
and when I call you, listen graciously.
“Come, seek God’s face,” my heart within me murmurs.
Your face I seek, LORD; do not hide from me.
Turn not in wrath away from me, I pray;
You, my sure help, do not cast me aside.
If father, mother should forsake me now,
my faithful LORD will keep me at his side.

Teach me, O LORD, to follow level pathways,
despite the follies of my enemies.
Let not my adversaries gain the vict’ry
nor liars breathe their vicious calumnies.
I do believe that I shall live to see
within the land the goodness of the LORD.
Hope in the Lord, and may your strength increase;
take courage as you wait upon the LORD.

Psalm 29

PDF files

(77 77 88 88)

                                Angels, give the LORD your praise;
                                glory in his mighty ways!
                                Give the glory due his name,
                                and adore him for his fame.
                                GOD's voice echoes o'er the ocean,
                                breaking waves in loud commotion.
                                Our LORD's voice is like the thunder
                                in its power and in its splendour.

                                Cedars topple to the ground
                                at his voice's fearful sound.
                                Like the startled calf in flight,
                                mountains tremble at his might.
                                GOD's voice like the lightning flashes,
                                with a thunderclap it crashes.
                                GOD's voice sets the desert quaking,
                                and the wilderness to shaking.

                                Woodlands quake to hear the LORD,
                                oak trees tumble at his word.
                                All within his temple cry:
                                "Glory to the LORD on high!"
                                GOD sits throned as king for ever,
                                throned above the raging river.
                                Our LORD strengthens us his people
                                and gives peace amid upheaval.

Or more literally:

Mighty ones, give to the LORD,
give the LORD with one accord
strength and glory to his name.
Spread abroad the LORD's great fame.
Serve the LORD in holy splendour.
God is glorious in the thunder.
Our LORD's voice is o'er the waters,
our LORD over many waters.

Mighty is the LORD's great voice,
glorious is the LORD's own voice.
Our LORD's voice splits cedar trees,
our LORD topples Leb'non's trees.
He sets Lebanon to dancing,
like the sprightly calf a-prancing.
Hermon's mount seems to be leaping
like the oxen in his keeping.

Our LORD's voice is flashing fire,
lightning thunders forth his ire.
Our LORD's voice causes to quake,
makes the wilderness to shake.
Our LORD's voice causes to tremble
oaks and forest trees to tumble.
In his temple all are crying:
“Glory!” with their praise undying.

Our LORD sits upon his throne,
over raging torrents' foam;
Our LORD reigns for evermore
as our king whom we adore.
May the LORD empower his people,
strengthen us when we are feeble.
May the LORD bless us from heaven,
and to us his peace be given.

Psalm 30

PDF file

(88 88 99)

I will extol you, O my LORD,
for you on high have lifted me;
you have not let my enemies
be joyful when my plight they see.
O LORD, I cried for your assistance,
and healing you have given to me.

O LORD, you raised my weary soul
up from the darkest depths below.
You brought me up from the abyss;
new life on me you did bestow.
You saints, sing to the L
ORD your praises,
and to his name may thanksgiving flow.

His anger briefly will endure;
his favour lasts my whole life long.
Weeping may mar the restless night,
but joy comes with the breaking dawn.
When I was strong, enjoying comfort,
I said that nothing could bring me down.

Your favour, LORD, established me
firm as the mountain peak on high,
but then from me you hid your face,
and in distress I feared to die.
To GOD I made my supplication;
to you, O LORD, this is what I'd cry:

What profit is there in my death,
if I descend to the abyss?
Will lifeless dust return your praise,
or tell your deeds of faithfulness?
Hear me, O LORD, and do be gracious!
Help me, O LORD, when I'm in distress!”

You've turned my mourning into dance;
stripped off the sackcloth that I wore,
and clothed me with your happiness,
that I might praise you and adore.
O LORD my God, I'll not be silent,
but give you gratitude ever more.

Psalm 32

PDF file

(11 11 10 10 D)

How blest the one whose trespass is forgiven,
whose sin is cancelled in the sight of heaven.
Blessed are they whose guilt the LORD erased,
in whom deception does not find a place.
When of my sins I would not make confession,
my body ached and groaned with my transgression;
for day and night I felt your heavy hand;
my strength was fading as a sun-parched land.

But then at last did I come to my senses
and make confession of my grave offences;
so you forgave the guilt that burdened me,
thus may the godly pray that you will be
a ready help when troubles will besiege them;
when waters rise, the flood will never reach them.
You are to me a refuge in distress;
you rescue me from depths of hopelessness.

“In all the ways of truth shall I instruct you,
and as I lead, my eye will be upon you.
Do not be like the stubborn mule or horse,
which must be curbed to keep them on their course.”
Those who are evil find their pains abounding,
but all who trust the LORD find love surrounding.
Joy in the LORD and shout aloud his praise;
rejoice, you righteous ones, for all your days.

Psalm 33

PDF file 

(98 98 66 56 65)

Be joyful in the LORD, you righteous!
'Tis right and good to sing his praise.
Make music on the harp of ten strings;
upon the lyre extol his ways.
Sing to him a new song,
on the harp a new song.
For our faithful LORD's
word cannot be broken;
all his mighty doings
in truth are spoken.

The LORD loves righteousness and justice;
his mercy fills the whole wide earth.
The LORD's command brought forth the heavens;
to stars above his breath gave birth.
He shut all the waters,
mighty ocean waters,
in his storehouse deep.
Let all earth adore him,
fear the LORD of heaven;
worship before him.

He spoke and there stood all creation;
his word brought everything to be.
The nations' plots the LORD has thwarted;
frustrating them decisively.
His word stands for ever;
the LORD's plans will never
fail or fade away.
Blessed be the nation
whose God is the LORD God
by his election.

The LORD looks down from highest heaven
to view the human race below.
And from his lofty throne he gazes
on those to whom his mercies flow.
He their hearts has fashioned;
he knows all their actions.
Not in armies great
is the king established,
nor in strength can safety
thus be accomplished.

The warhorse will not bring salvation;
its power can never make secure.
The LORD will watch over all people
who fear him and whose hope is sure.
Those who know his mercy,
his great love and mercy,
he is quick to save
from death and destruction;
he will keep alive in
time of privation.

Awaiting in anticipation
assistance from our living LORD,
we know he shields us in misfortune.
Our heart rejoices in his word,
for our trust is solely
in his name most holy.
Let your love, O LORD,
your great love unbounded,
rest with us as our hope
in you is founded.

Psalm 38

PDF file  

(847 847)

LORD, rebuke me not in anger,
and no longer
discipline me in fury.
I am pierced through with your arrow
to the marrow,
for your hand has weighed on me.

Illness sore has overtaken,
I'm forsaken
due to your indignation.
My bones groan under oppression;
through transgression
my guilt is too great to bear.

My iniquities flood o'er me,
and before me
all my sins are a burden.
My wounds fester without healing,
I am reeling
from my mad and foolish ways.

I am bowed low in my grieving,
scarce believing
that I'll cease from my mourning.
For my loins are racked with burning
from your spurning;
there's no soundness in my flesh.

Crushed and spent, now heed my moaning.
I am groaning,
for my heart is in tumult.
Lord, you know that I am crying.
All my sighing
is not hidden from your face.

My heart throbs; my strength is failing;
I am ailing,
and my eyes have grown dimmer.
By my friends I am forsaken;
they are shaken
by the plague that threatens me.

Those who seek my life endeavour,
ceasing never
to destroy me and snare me.
They who cruelly wish to harm me,
and alarm me,
plot deception all day long.

Like the deaf I am not hearing
all their jeering;
like the mute I am silent.
I am one who cannot listen
to derision;
I've no answer to their taunts.

Yet, O LORD, I am expecting
your protecting;
it is you who will answer.
Pray, let them not be rejoicing
who are voicing
boasts against me when I fall.

I am on the brink of tumbling,
my feet stumbling,
racked with pain and with sorrow.
For my sins I make confession;
my transgression
I regret with all my heart.

Foes oppose me without reason
in their treason,
they are many and mighty.
Those who answer good with evil
cause upheaval;
enemies are they of right.

LORD above, do not forsake me,
rather make me
to be near you for ever.
Hurry to become my saviour;
show your favour
to me, my redeeming LORD.

Psalm 41

PDF file

(10 6 10 6 D)

                        Happy are those who tend the poor and weak,
                                for in adversity
                        the LORD will come to help and to their land
                                will grant prosperity.
                        He will not give them over to their foes
                                but keep them in his care;
                        when they are sick he will remember them
                                and see their health repair.

                        "O LORD," I said, "be merciful to me,
                                for I have surely sinned."
                        With hateful hearts my enemies all say,
                                "When will he reach his end?"
                        They come to me and utter hollow words
                                and plan for my demise;
                        they spread the word abroad to one and all
                                that death will close my eyes.

                        Those who detest me speak in whispered tones
                                and gloat triumphantly:
                        a deadly plague, they say, will keep me down
                                and put an end to me.
                        Even the friend with whom I shared my bread,
                                to whom my trust I vowed,
                        has turned away and, fleeing from my face,
                                has joined the mocking crowd.

                        But you, O LORD, be merciful to me,
                                my health again restore,
                        that I may righteously call to account
                                those who my life abhor.
                        Thus I will know your favour rests on me
                                if you my life defend.
                        Praise to the LORD, the God of Israël
                                for evermore.  Amen.

Psalm 42-43

PDF file

(87 87 77 88)

                                As the deer seeks flowing rivers, 
                                so I long for you, O God.
                                How my soul longs for his presence,
                                for the ever-living God.
                                When shall I behold his face
                                in his holy dwelling place?
                                Now I feed on tears from weeping,
                                while they say, "Is your God sleeping?"

                                All these things I call to memory
                                and I ponder in my heart:
                                how I streamed with throngs rejoicing
                                to his temple's sacred court.
                                Why, my soul, be in despair;
                                why this worry and this care?
                                Hope in God, my soul's salvation;
                                him I'll praise with jubilation.

                                When my heart despairs within me,
                                then will I recall once more,
                                as the headwaters of Jordan
                                from the Mount of Herman pour.
                                Deep to deep roars out its sound,
                                waves and rapids surging round.
                                In the day GOD's love comes freely,
                                and at night his song is with me.

                                To my God, my Rock, I murmur,
                                "How could you forget me? how?"
                                All my foes oppress and taunt me:
                                "Where's your God?" they ask me now.
                                Why, my soul, be in despair;
                                why this worry and this care?
                                Hope in God, my soul's salvation;
                                him I'll praise with jubilation.

                                O my God, bring vindication
                                and defend my worthy cause
                                from the godless and deceitful
                                who defy your holy laws.
                                For you are my refuge strong;
                                why now let them do me wrong?
                                Why must I continue grieving
                                while my foes keep on deceiving?

                                Send your light and truth to guide me
                                to your holy dwelling place.
                                Then will I approach your altar,
                                singing songs of joyful praise.
                                Why, my soul, be in despair;
                                why this worry and this care?
                                Hope in God, my soul's salvation;
                                him I'll praise with jubilation.

Psalm 46

PDF file

(99 88 D)

                                God is our refuge and salvation,
                                our present help in tribulation.
                                We will not fear though earth may shake,
                                for God will keep us mid the quake.
                                Mountains may fall into the ocean,
                                but we will not fear such commotion.
                                With us the LORD of Hosts shall dwell,
                                the mighty God of Israël.

                                Within the city flows a river
                                into God's dwelling place for ever.
                                He stands within the city's wall,
                                and with him there she cannot fall.
                                Nations may seek to cause affliction;
                                one word from God is our protection.
                                With us the LORD of Hosts shall dwell,
                                the mighty God of Israël.

                                Come, see the works of his creation,
                                God's marvels plain to every nation.
                                He does away with deeds of war
                                that all may live in peace once more.
                                Know he is God — be still and ponder —
                                he is exalted in his splendour.
                                With us the LORD of Hosts shall dwell,
                                the mighty God of Israël.

Psalm 47

PDF file

(10 10 10 D)

                        Clap your hands, all you peoples of the earth,
                        shout to God with a song of joyful mirth!
                        Hold the Most High our LORD in reverent awe.
                        Our great King rules the peoples with his law;
                        he has put all the nations in their place;
                        he has chosen us, Jacob, in his grace.

                        God ascends amid great resounding cries,
                        with the blast of the trumpet see him rise!
                        Sing to God, all your praises to him sing,
                        let your praises be rendered to our King!
                        For our God is the Ruler of the earth;
                        sing his praise, sing to him with psalms of mirth!

                        God reigns over the nations here below,
                        from his throne his decrees down to them flow.
                        Princes gather from earth's remote extent
                        with God's people of Abraham's descent.
                        All the shields of the earth to God belong;
                        let us highly exalt him with our song!

Psalm 50

PDF file

(10 10 10 10 11 11)

The mighty LORD calls out to all the world;
from east to west his summons is unfurled.
Perfect in beauty, out of Zion’s hill,
God’s light is shining forth where’er it will.
Keeping not silent, God is surely coming,
with fire consuming and a tempest storming.

His call extends to earth and heaven above
that he might judge his people in his love:
“Gather my faithful ones who are my own,
sealed by a sacrifice for sins atoned.”
The heavens acclaim his justice and salvation,
for God will judge aright o’er every nation.

“Hear me, my people; listen to my word;
I am your God whose witness must be heard.
I find no fault with offerings given me,
your sacrifices made continually.
I do not ask that one more bull be given,
nor one more ram be offered up to heaven.

“For every forest beast belongs to me,
the cattle on a thousand hills, you see,
each bird that soars aloft within the air,
mine are the beasts that wander everywhere.
If I were hungry, why then should you know it,
when earth is mine and everything within it?

“Why would you think I’d need for nourishment
bull’s flesh and goat’s blood keeping me content?
Offer instead a heart of gratitude;
keep every promise made in plenitude,
and call upon me in time of affliction,
and I will grant to you divine protection.”

But to the wicked God has this to say:
“What right have you, when you will not obey,
claiming my holy statutes as your own,
falsely invoking cov’nant love unknown?
For all my teachings you have now rejected;
my every precept you have not respected.

“Thieves you befriend, adulterers you’ve craved;
lips spurning truth and speaking words depraved,
slandering brother, your own mother’s son:
these are the vicious deeds that you have done.
Shall I be silent in the face of evil?
This is the charge I lay before the people.

“Think on these things, all who will not recall
that I am God, the ruler over all,
lest you incur my wrath eternally;
but those who bring a grateful heart to me
I grant my favour and show my salvation
to those of righteous ways in every nation.”

Psalm 51

PDF file

(10 11 11 10 10 11 10 11)

                        O gracious God, be merciful to me,
                        according to your love that lasts for ever.
                        In your compassion you have failed me never;
                        now blot out every foul iniquity.
                        For well aware am I of my great shame;
                        these evil deeds upon my heart are weighing.
                        Thus have I erred and now deserve your blame,
                        since your commands I have not been obeying.

                        Your righteous judgement I have surely earned,
                        nor could I hope to flee your harshest sentence.
                        Guilty from birth and needful of repentance,
                        I to my sins have constantly returned.
                        Yet you desire that I your truth should know;
                        teach me your wisdom that I may live rightly.
                        Make me as pure as freshly fallen snow,
                        cleanse me with hyssop that I may shine brightly.

                        Fill me with joy and gladness once again,
                        let all these bones sing forth in jubilation.
                        Look not upon the deeds of my transgression,
                        but rather cancel out my debt of sin.
                        Create in me a heart of purity,
                        breathe into me a new and constant spirit.
                        Do not deprive me of your company,
                        nor in your wrath withdraw your holy Spirit.

                        Restore to me salvation's joyfulness,
                        uphold in me a heart willing to serve you.
                        So shall I teach transgressors to revere you,
                        that they might once more know your faithfulness.
                        Save me from death, O God — this is my plea —
                        and in your goodness I shall be rejoicing.
                        Open my lips, O LORD, that thankfully
                        your godly praise my mouth may soon be voicing.

                        You do not ask for pointless sacrifice;
                        nor would you that I offer such a token.
                        My gift is this: a spirit that is broken.
                        The contrite heart, O God, you'll not despise.
                        Prosper your people with your bounteous grace,
                        rebuild the walls around your holy city,
                        that we may offer you before your face
                        right sacrifice, as is our proper duty.

Psalm 53

PDF file

(10 11 11 10 4)

The fool says in his heart, “There is no God.”
Their deeds are vile; not one of them is righteous.
God looks from heav’n upon his human creatures
to see if there are any that are wise
and seek for God.

But all alike have fallen from his ways;
they are corrupt and none remains who’s upright.
Have they no knowledge – all these evildoers,
who eat my people, and would never call
upon our God?

Terror shall overwhelm their very lives,
but God will scatter all that is remaining,
even the bones of them that do not love him;
they will be put to everlasting shame;
whom God will spurn.

Who, who will now deliver Israël?
O that salvation might come out of Zion!
so that when God restores his people’s fortunes,
Jacob will then rejoice, and Israël
find happiness.

Psalm 54

PDF file

(89 98 D)

                                Save me, O God, by your great name,
                                and by your power vindicate me;
                                now hear my plea, O God, I pray you,
                                and listen to the words I speak!
                                Insolent men are hounding me;
                                those of a ruthless disposition
                                all seek to put an end to my life,
                                such people give no thought to God.

                                Surely will God come to my aid;
                                the LORD sustains me in his mercy.
                                May evil plots recoil on my foes;
                                be faithful, put an end to them.
                                Gladly I sacrifice to you
                                and praise your name, so full of kindness;
                                from every trouble you deliver,
                                my eyes shall see the victory.

Psalm 62

PDF file

(889 889)

                                My soul finds rest in the Lord God,
                                from him alone my safety comes.
                                He is my Rock and my salvation.
                                He is my strength and my fortress,
                                within his arms I rest secure,
                                not to be moved nor to be shaken.

                                How long will you rush in fury
                                and set upon the helpless one
                                to topple like the leaning rampart?
                                Their sole delight is deception:
                                though blessings be upon their lips,
                                their inward thoughts are filled with curses.
                                Seek rest, my soul, in the Lord God,
                                for all my hope is found in him.
                                He is my rock and my salvation.
                                I rest secure in his fortress.
                                My life depends on God alone:
                                he is my rock, he is my refuge.

                                You people, trust him for ever; 
                                pour out your troubled hearts to him, 
                                who is a fortress strong to save us.
                                People, both noble and common, 
                                are but a fleeting breath of air, 
                                weighing but little in the balance.

                                Look not to ill-gotten riches 
                                nor set your heart on wealth accrued.
                                God speaks to me and I have heard him:
                                All strength is found in the Lord God; 
                                in you alone is steadfast love.
                                As we deserve will you reward us.

Psalm 65

PDF file

(96 96 D)

                                Your people's songs of praise await you,
                                O God, on Zion's hill.
                                To you who hear our supplications
                                our vows we will fulfil.
                                All flesh shall kneel before your splendour,
                                acknowledging their blame;
                                Though all our sins may overwhelm us,
                                yet mercy we may claim.

                                Happy are those whom you have chosen
                                within your courts to dwell.
                                Out of the storehouse of your temple,
                                our needs you will dispel.
                                Your righteous works fill us with wonder,
                                O God of saving grace.
                                You are the hope of all the peoples
                                of every distant place.

                                Your mighty arm upholds the mountains —
                                thus is your power displayed.
                                You calm the raging of the ocean;
                                its billows you have stayed.
                                The distant nations are astounded
                                at glorious deeds you've done;
                                your wonders merit joyful singing
                                from dawn to setting sun.

                                You send your rain upon the dry earth,
                                whose bounties overflow.
                                Your rivers fill the land with water,
                                causing the grain to grow.
                                For thus have you provided for us
                                by watering the soil,
                                by pouring out life-giving showers
                                to bless the fruits of toil.

                                You crown our year with rich abundance
                                and grant prosperity.
                                Even the grasslands yield a harvest
                                and grow luxuriantly.
                                The hills adorn themselves with gladness,
                                the meadows with their herds.
                                The valleys with their grain are covered;
                                they sing with joyful words.

Psalm 66

PDF file

(98 98 98 98)

Joyfully shout to God our saviour,
all those who dwell upon the earth.
Sing to his name in celebration,
praising his glory with your mirth.
Confess to God: "Your deeds are mighty;
your foes before you bow in fear.
Now all the world with songs of praising
extols your name from far and near."

Come, see what God has now accomplished,
his deeds to all humanity:
drying the land beneath the waters
that they might pass through harmlessly.
There we rejoiced in his deliverance,
his sovereign power in our defence.
He watches over every nation,
foiling the rebels' ill intents.

Now bless our God, you earthly peoples;
let all your praise to him resound,
for he keeps us among the living
and placed our feet on stable ground.
You, God, have tried us, much as silver
is tested in the fiery heat:
you gave us over to affliction,
bringing the net around our feet.

People have trampled us in anger;
you've put us through adversity.
Yet you in mercy have refreshed us,
granting us grace abundantly.
Now will I come into your temple
to pay the vows that I have made,
those which I uttered when in trouble,
promises made when sore afraid.

There will I offer with thanksgiving
my consecrated sacrifice:
cattle and goats gratefully given,
whose scent ascends to paradise.
Come, all who fear our God and listen,
for I will tell what he has done.
I cried aloud to him, rejoicing,
with songs of praise upon my tongue.

If I had nourished sin within me,
the Lord would not have heard my cry.
But truly God has deigned to listen,
attending to my prayer on high.
Blessings and praises be upon him,
our God who did not turn his face
far from the prayer I breathed in anguish
nor left me cut off from his grace.

Psalm 67

PDF file

(98 98 665 665)

                        May God be merciful and gracious,
                        and on us may he shine his face.
                        Let all the earth come to acknowledge
                        your wondrous and lifegiving ways.
                        May each pagan nation
                        learn of your salvation.
                        Let the peoples praise,
                        praise with jubilation.
                        May all sound your praises
                        from every nation.

                        Let all the peoples raise their voices
                        and shout aloud with joyful songs;
                        for you are judge among the nations
                        and justly set aright all wrongs.
                        You rule all creation,
                        every distant nation.
                        Let the peoples praise,
                        praise with jubilation.
                        May all sound your praises
                        from every nation.

                        The soil has yielded up its harvest,
                        and God, our God, has blessed our land.
                        May God bestow on us his blessings
                        and grant us bounty from his hand.
                        Let earth fall before him,
                        fear him and adore him.
                        Let the peoples praise,
                        praise with jubilation.
                        May all sound your praises
                        from every nation.

Psalm 70

PDF file

(89 98 98 89)

O God, come to deliver me!
Make haste, O LORD, to give me your aid!
Let those who seek to put me to death
now be confused and put to shame.
Let them be thwarted and dishonoured
who seek in vain to do me harm.
May they turn back in utter shame
who scorn and hold me in derision.

May all who seek you in their hearts
rejoice and take delight in your ways!
May those who love your great salvation
ever proclaim that God is great.
But as for me, so poor and needy,
hurry to help me, O my God!
You are my saviour and my aid;
do not delay to bring me comfort.

Psalm 72

PDF file

(96 96 D)

                        God, give your righteousness to the king,
                        your justice to his son,
                        that he may rightly judge your people
                        and each afflicted one.
                        Let mountains echo with the message
                        of righteousness and peace,
                        for he defends the poor and needy
                        and makes oppression cease.

                        Long as the sun and moon shall endure,
                        from age to age he lives;
                        like welcome rain upon the dry land,
                        prosperity he gives.
                        Until the moon from heaven vanish
                        shall peace and justice reign.
                        From sea to sea extends his kingdom,
                        strong shall his rule remain.

                        Ungodly nations fall at his feet,
                        his foes before him bow.
                        Tribute from Tarshish and the islands
                        into his presence flow.
                        The kings of Sheba and of Seba
                        bear precious gifts in hand.
                        All earthly monarchs do him homage
                        and serve at his command.

                        When needy people call upon him,
                        their cause he will defend.
                        He pities all the weak and helpless,
                        the poor he will befriend.
                        He sets them free from all oppression,
                        their lives are in his care.
                        May Sheba's gold be offered to him;
                        "Long live!" be every prayer.

                        May bounteous grain envelop the land,
                        even the mountain tops;
                        let sheaves be numberless as the grass,
                        like Leb'non's fruitful crops.
                        O may his name live on for ever,
                        long lasting as the sun.
                        For every people shall find blessing
                        through him, the kingly one.

                        Praise to the LORD, the God of Israel;
                        wonders he works alone.
                        Praised be his glorious name for ever;
                        his name through earth be known.

Psalm 76

PDF file

(88 88 99)

In Judah's land our God is known;
his name in Israël is great.
In Salem is his dwelling found,
his own abode in Zion's gate.
There did he break the flashing arrows,
the shield and sword, weapons fierce and great.

Glorious are you, more lofty still
than all the mountains rich with game.
Stout-hearted men are robbed of spoil;
they sleep in death, their limbs are lame.
At your reproof, O God of Jacob,
both horse and rider were put to shame.

You, even you, are held in awe;
your furious wrath who can withstand?
From heaven you hand your judgement down;
stillness and fear have filled the land,
when God arose to render justice
and save the humble throughout the land.

Yet human anger sounds your praise,
remnants of wrath like clothes you wear.
Perform your vows made to the LORD;
let all who fear him tribute bear.
He quells the pride of haughty princes;
in earthly rulers he puts his fear.

Psalm 77

PDF file

(88 77 88 77)

I cried out for God to help me,
cried aloud that God might hear me.
When I languished in distress,
then I sought God’s faithfulness.
Through the night I reached for healing,
yet my heart refused consoling.
Thinking of my God, I sigh,
faint while pond’ring God on high.

You have kept my eyes from sleeping,
too distraught was I for speaking.
I remembered times of old,
former days have I recalled.
In the darkness do I ponder,
in my heart I can’t but wonder:
will God cast away at last?
is his love for ever past?

Have God’s mercies fled for ever?
Will his promise grace us never?
Shall we bear his wrath alone?
Is his steadfast love now gone?
This, I said, is why I’m grieving
and my happiness is leaving:
for the arm of the Most High
has abandoned us to die.

I recalled the deeds of our LORD,
marvels brought about by his word.
I reflect through all my days
on the wonders of your ways.
God, your paths are our savation,
you subdue the pagan nation.
You redeem us with your arm —
Jacob, Joseph — from all harm.

When the waters saw your power,
depths of sea before you cowered.
Torrents poured out from the sky;
arrows flashed from side to side.
Heaven shook with thunder crashes,
earth was lit by lightning flashes;
Your way led us through the sea,
though your steps we could not see.

Like a flock you led your people
in the midst of the upheaval,
by your servants' willing hand,
Moses, Aaron, through the land.

Psalm 80

PDF file   

(99 88 88)

Shepherd of Israel, hear our pleading;
you, as a flock, are Joseph leading.

You are enthroned on cherubim;
shine forth your light on Ephraim,
Manasseh, Benjamin. Now raise
your might to save us all our days.

O God, restore us to your favour;
let your face shine and be our saviour.
LORD God of hosts, how long shall we
know your fierce anger at our plea?
You feed us sorrows as our bread
and give us tears to drink instead.

Our neighbours scorn us and deride us;
enemies mock and laugh beside us.
O God of hosts, to us restore
your saving love, and turn once more
your face whose light outshines the sun's,
that you might save your chosen ones.

You led your vine from Egypt's nation;
to plant it you drove out the nations.
Before its path you cleared the ground;
taking deep root it spread around.
The mountains sheltered in its shade,
the cedars' boughs beneath it stayed.

Far as the sea its shoots extended,
and towards the river branches tended.
Why then have you destroyed its wall
that its fruit might be plucked by all?
The forest boars have ravaged it;
beasts of the field have savaged it.

O God of hosts, hear our petition;
from heaven keep us in your vision.
Protect this vine which by your grace
you once have planted in this place;
defend the son of man whom you
have made, and all his strength renew.

Our foes have burnt your vine in madness,
cutting it down to our great sadness.
May they soon perish at your face;
may your right hand rest by your grace
upon the son of man you love,
whom you have strengthened from above.

No more shall we forsake your graces;
revive us and we'll sing your praises.
O God of hosts, to us restore
your saving love, and turn once more
your face whose light outshines the sun's,
that you might save your chosen ones.

Psalm 81

PDF file  

(56 55 56)

Sing aloud to God
our strength and salvation!
Shout with joyful song;
sing to Jacob's God.
With the trumpet laud!
Praise with jubilation!

Play upon the harp!
Let the trump be sounding,
at the new moon's rise,
when the moon is full,
at our festival,
with its noise surrounding.

For it is a law
made for Israel's nation;
Jacob's God decreed
his divine command
over Joseph's land,
freed from Egypt's nation.

Now I hear a voice
in a foreign language:
“I have freed you from
crushing burdens' weight,
and I liberate
captives in their anguish.

“You cried out to me
and I have delivered.
With a thunderclap
I have answered you,
having tested you
at Meribah's river.

“People, hear my voice;
heed my admonitions.
Listen when I say:
you shall not revere,
neither shall you fear
idols' vain delusions.

“Yes, I am the LORD,
your God who has freed you
out of Egypt's land.
Open your mouth wide
and be satisfied,
for I've come to feed you.

“Yet my people to
my voice would not listen.
Israel would not be
faithful to my way,
so I let them stray
from my admonition.

“Oh, that they would
attend to my instruction!
If they'd only walk
in the ways I chose,
I would from their foes
offer my protection.”

Those who hate the LORD
soon would feel his fury.
They'd go to their fate;
as for you, you'd eat
of the finest wheat
and the choicest honey.

Psalm 82

PDF file

(99 88 D)

                                Judging among divine pretenders,
                                in council God his verdict renders:
                                "How long," says he, "shall wickedness
                                be favoured over righteousness?
                                Give justice to the poor and needy,
                                rescue the helpless from the greedy.
                                Treat widows as is right and fair,
                                defend all orphans in your care.

                                "Blindly you grope about and stumble,
                                while earth's foundations start to crumble.
                                Gods you may think yourselves to be,
                                yet you shall taste mortality.
                                Like earthly kings whose days are numbered,
                                death's claim on you will not be cumbered."
                                Rise up, O God, and judge the earth,
                                to you the nations owe their birth.

Psalm 84

PDF file

(889 889 88)

How lovely is your dwelling place,
O LORD of Hosts and God of grace!
My soul, seized with anticipation,
longs to be in your courts, O LORD;
my heart and flesh with one accord
sing out to God with jubilation.
Even the sparrows overhead
will find a place to lay their bed.

The swallow builds herself a nest
where she might have a place to rest
and raise her young within its safety,
near to your altars, mighty LORD,
my God and King, by all adored.
They will enjoy your bounteous blessing
who stay within your dwelling place
and ever live to sing your praise.

Blest are all they who in their need
will find in you their strength indeed,
whose yearning hearts are on the pathway
to Zion where you make your home.
Through balsam valleys do they roam,
searching the dry land for some water;
the early rains pour from above
and fill the earth as with your love.

From strength to strength they make their way
until they come, that longed-for day,
before the throne of God in Zion.
LORD God of hosts, incline your ear
and listen to my fervent prayer,
O God, who chose your people, Jacob.
Our shield are you; look on the face
of your anointed by your grace.

Better by far one day to be
within your courts than live to see
one thousand years while elsewhere dwelling.
The threshold of your house, O Lord,
is vastly thus to be preferred
to where the wicked make their dwelling.
For God the LORD, our source of life,
will be our shield amid the strife.

The LORD his gracious love bestows;
to us his favour overflows.
You, LORD, will not refuse a blessing
to those who to your ways are true;
happy are they who trust in you.

Psalm 87

PDF file

(11 10 10 11)

                        God placed his city on his holy mountain;
                        our LORD so loves the gates of Zion's town
                        more than all other towns in Jacob's land.
                        City of God, great things of you are spoken.

                        "I will record from every pagan nation
                        — even from Babylon and Egypt's land,
                        Philistia, Tyre and Ethiopia —
                        all who, though far from home, are born in Zion."

                        The Most High will establish Zion's people
                        and guard her citizens in every land.
                        All whom he loves he counts as native born;
                        singing for joy, they draw on Zion's wellsprings.

Psalm 88

PDF file

(899 899)

I cry to you both night and day,
O LORD and God of my salvation.
May my petition come before you.
Incline your ear to hear my cry.
My soul is plagued by many troubles;
my life is at the brink of dying.

Counted am I among the dead;
I am as one who has no power,
wandering lost among the lifeless,
like murdered ones within the grave.
Them you no longer will remember,
for from your hand they have been severed.

You laid me deep in the abyss,
within the dark and dreary regions.
I've borne your crushing weight of anger;
I cannot breathe beneath your waves.
My dearest friends you've taken from me,
in their own eyes you've made me hateful.

Imprisoned, I cannot escape;
my eye is weeping from affliction.
Daily, O LORD, I call upon you;
I stretch my aching hands to you.
For the deceased will you do wonders?
Shall the departed rise to praise you?

Will all your works of mercy be
told among those no longer living?
your faithfulness be celebrated
within perdition's gloomy realm?
Shall those in darkness know your wonders?
your ways be known by those forgotten?

But I, O LORD, to you have cried;
my morning prayer shall come before you.
Why have you, L
ORD, my soul rejected?
Why have you hid your face from me?
Since I was young death has pursued me;
I find your terrors overwhelming.

Your wrath has overtaken me;
I am cut off by all your terrors.
Your waters flowing and surrounding
have daily flooded over me.
Lover and friend have now forsaken;
my one companion left is darkness.

Psalm 90

PDF file

(11 11 11 11 10 10)

                        Lord, from all ages you were our salvation.
                        Before you formed the hills and all creation,
                        you still are God from always and for ever.
                        Man is returned to dust at your good pleasure.
                        To you a thousand years are but as one,
                        a night now past is as an hour once gone.

                        Like fleeting dreams you sweep away all people;
                        they are like grass: their lives — so brief and feeble-
                        blossom at dawn, by nightfall are no longer.
                        We are consumed and frightened by your anger,
                        for you have brought our faults before your sight,
                        our darkest sins are held up to your light.

                        Under your wrath our days are quickly passing,
                        and all the years that we have been amassing.
                        Seventy years are all we are allotted —
                        eighty perhaps, provided strength be granted —
                        yet even these are filled with sore distress,
                        for who can bear your fearful righteousness?

                        Teach us to know the few days we are given,
                        grant us the wisdom you bestow from heaven.
                        Relent, O LORD!  How long shall we be moaning?
                        Pity your servants; listen to our groaning.
                        Each day fill us with your abundant grace
                        that we may sing for joy before your face.

                        Let all our coming days be filled with laughter;
                        put our past woes away for ever after.
                        So let your servants see your deeds of wonder,
                        and may our children know your mighty splendour.
                        May your good favour rest upon our days,
                        and let our transient works proclaim your praise.

Psalm 91

PDF file

(88 88 87 87)

                        Whoever dwells in God Most High,
                        who shelter finds within his shade,
                        will tell the LORD, "You are my strength,
                        my refuge whom I trust to aid."
                        ‘Tis he who frees you from the snare
                        of those who would afflict you;
                        beneath his pinions you may hide,
                        his folding wings protect you.
                        The fears of night you need not dread,
                        nor flying arrows by the day,
                        nor plague that stalks at eventide,
                        nor scourge amid the sun's bright ray.
                        Though thousands may beside you fall,
                        ten thousand all around you,
                        throughout you will remain unharmed:
                        his kindness will surround you.

                        Your eyes have only to behold
                        to see the wicked's recompense;
                        the LORD you claim as citadel,
                        the Most High as your firm defence.
                        No evil shall upon you fall,
                        no plague may dare come near you;
                        for he has put you in the charge
                        of angels who will spare you.

                        Aloft they rest you in their arms
                        lest you should stumble unaware;
                        on beasts and serpents you will tread
                        and walk atop the dragon's lair.
                        "I rescue all who cling to me,
                        free them from tribulation;
                        for when they call upon my name,
                        I grant to them salvation."

Psalm 92

PDF file

(76 67 D)

                        It is so good to give thanks and praises to the LORD,
                        and to play music to the honour of the Most High;
                        to tell his love at daybreak, his faithfulness at night,
                        by music of the harp and to the strains of zither.

                        My heart is happy, O LORD, at what your hands have done,
                        and I will joyfully acclaim your great achievements.
                        How great your works, O LORD! how profound your every thought!
                        The foolish do not know, for they lack understanding.

                        Like grass the wicked may grow and evildoers thrive,
                        but though they flourish now, they soon will meet destruction.
                        LORD, you are high exalted and rule for evermore.
                        Your enemies shall flee, the wicked shall be scattered.

                        You have exalted my strength and made me like the ox;
                        you have anointed me with oil upon my forehead.
                        Now I have seen and heard of my enemies' defeat.
                        The righteous stand like palms; they grow as tall as cedars.
                        Planted within the LORD's house, they flourish in his courts.
                        They still are green and yet bear fruit though they be aged.
                        We joyfully proclaim that the LORD is ever just.
                        In him who is our Rock there is no trace of evil.

Psalm 93

PDF file

(10 10 10 10)

The LORD is king, arrayed in majesty;
robed is the LORD; bedecked with strength is he.
The world which he established on its base
cannot be moved from its appointed place.

Before the world was, you set up your throne;
from everlasting you are God alone.
The waters, LORD, have lifted up their voice,
the mighty waters their resounding noise.

More mighty than the billows of the sea,
mightier still than all the floods is he.
The Lord who far transcends the earth and sky
is filled with power, the LORD who dwells on high.

The precepts of your law are firm and sure,
worthy of trust, they ever shall endure.
O gracious LORD, your temple's sanctity
is beautiful through all eternity.

Psalm 95

PDF file

(889 D)

                                Come, praise the LORD and be joyful,
                                acclaiming our salvation's Rock,
                                and come before him with thanksgiving.
                                Praise him with jubilant music,
                                for God is King above all gods;
                                his rule is over all creation.

                                He holds earth's depths in his own hand;
                                the mountain peaks above our heads
                                belong to him, for he has made them.
                                The restless sea he created,
                                and all the land below our feet
                                our gracious God has wisely fashioned.

                                Come, let us bow down before him
                                and kneel before the mighty LORD,
                                who is our Maker and Sustainer.
                                For God alone is our Father;
                                we are the people whom he guides,
                                the flock that he for ever pastures.

                                If only you would attend him:
                                "O harden not your stubborn hearts
                                as once you did within the desert.
                                That day your unfaithful forbears
                                rebelled and put me to the test,
                                though they had seen my many wonders.
                                "Through forty years of rebellion
                                these people would not know my ways;
                                their hearts away from me would wander.
                                So then I swore in my anger
                                that none of this rebellious lot
                                would reach a restful habitation."

Psalm 96

PDF file

(99 889)

                        Sing to the LORD, O sing a new song!
                        Sing, all the earth, and praise the LORD's name!
                        Tell his salvation day to day;
                        let all the world his glories know;
                        his marvels tell among the peoples.

                        Great is the LORD and worthy of praise.
                        Above all gods he is to be feared;
                        for idol gods are without power.
                        The skies were made by God alone;
                        splendour and glory are before him.

                        Give to the LORD, you clans of the earth —
                        our LORD who reigns in glory and power —
                        give him the honour due his name.
                        Bring your oblation to his throne.
                        O earth, before his presence tremble.

                        The LORD is King!  Tell every nation!
                        He made the earth; it cannot be moved.
                        His justice flows to all the earth.
                        Let heav'n rejoice, the earth be glad!
                        Let ocean thunder forth his praises!

                        Let all the fields exult in their Lord!
                        Let all the woodlands sing out his praise!
                        Sing to the LORD, for he will come
                        to judge the world with equity
                        and every nation with his justice.

Psalm 97

PDF file

(66 77 66 66 6)

The LORD reigns as our king;
let earth exult and sing,
the isles with joy resounding;
dark clouds are him surrounding.
His throne is made secure
with right and justice sure.
He blazes forth in ire,
consuming with his fire
foes held by sin’s allure.

His lightning bolts go forth
to lighten all the earth,
which trembles at his power.
The mountaintops that tower
have melted at his word
before the sovereign LORD.
The heavens all proclaim
his righteousness and fame;
all see our glorious Lord.

Those who deny his name
are quickly put to shame
for worshipping untruly
and reverencing unduly.
You gods, pay homage now;
before him you must bow.
For Zion hears his voice;
her daughters will rejoice
at our LORD’s judgements now.

For you, O LORD Most High,
gaze down on earth and sky,
in loftiness presiding,
all earthly gods deriding.
The Lord will surely bless
those who flee wickedness.
He guards his faithful ones
from everyone that shuns
the ways of righteousness.

Bright light has shed its rays
on those of righteous ways,
and fervent jubilation
on those who spurn temptation.
Let us join every voice
and in the LORD rejoice;
you who love righteousness
his holy name shall bless
and thankfully rejoice.

Psalm 98

PDF file

(98 98 D)

                                Sing to the LORD, O sing a new song
                                for all the marvels he has done;
                                he with his arm so strong and holy
                                salvation's victory has won.
                                The LORD reveals to all the peoples
                                his saving power and righteousness;
                                to all the chosen house of Israel
                                he shows his love and faithfulness.

                                To every corner of creation
                                God's saving power is manifest;
                                all earthly creatures, praise the Lord God
                                and sing for joy at his behest.
                                Shout to the LORD with joyful music,
                                upon the harp his praises sing;
                                with horn and trumpet loudly blasting,
                                lift voices to the LORD your King.

                                Let ocean thunder forth his praises
                                and all who dwell upon the earth;
                                let rivers clap in jubilation
                                and mountains shout aloud with mirth.
                                Sing to the LORD, for he is coming
                                to judge the world with equity;
                                to every nation flows his justice,
                                on them his righteousness shall be.

Psalm 99

PDF file

(10 10 10 66)

                        Our LORD reigns; may the nations quake in fear.
                        Round his throne all his angels hover near.
                        Before Zion his greatness shall appear.
                        Nations, praise him solely, for his name is holy.

                        You, great King, have established equity;
                        you love justice and call for honesty.
                        Jacob you will treat with integrity.
                        Let us serve him solely, for the LORD is holy.

                        Priests of Aaron have called upon his name;
                        Moses, Samuel loved to sing his fame.
                        Our LORD spoke from within the cloud of flame
                        his law to the nation and to all creation.

                        LORD, our God, you have answered those in need.
                        Though you punish the dark and sinful deed,
                        you forgive all who for your mercies plead.
                        Bow before him lowly, for the LORD is holy.

Psalm 100

PDF file


                                Shout joyfully to praise the LORD,
                                all you who dwell upon the earth.
                                Worship the LORD with happy heart;
                                before him come with songs of joy.

                                Know that the LORD alone is God,
                                for he has made us; we are his —
                                the people who belong to him,
                                the flock he pastures in his land.

                                Enter his portals giving thanks,
                                come praising him into his courts.
                                Make known to him your thankfulness,
                                praising his name with one accord.

                                For God the LORD is good indeed,
                                his love endures eternally;
                                his faithfulness continues on
                                throughout all ages to the end.

Psalm 101

PDF file

(11 11 10 4)

Of justice and fidelity will I sing;
to you, O LORD, my songs of praise will I bring,
and to your righteous ways I'll firmly cling.
When will you come?

Integrity shall be the path I pursue;
within my house I vow to give all to you.
I will not place whatever is untrue
before my eyes.

I hate the deeds that faithless people perform;
to all their evils I will never conform.
My heart will not let wicked ways deform,
but shun all sin.

The one who slanders neighbour secretively
I will bring to an end definitively.
The haughty heart and prideful eyes that see
I'll not abide.

On all the faithful I will look with favour
that they who dwell with me might never waver
from living blameless lives and for ever
serve what is right.

No one deceiving shall be finding a place
within my house and manifest sinful ways;
none who have lied remain before my face,
but shall depart.

Each morning so to judge the wicked I stand,
to put an end to evil throughout the land,
that from the LORD's city they should be banned
for evermore.

Psalm 103

PDF file

(11 11 10 D)

                        Praise, O my soul, the LORD and praise him solely,
                        all that is in me, praise his name most holy.
                        Do not forget his every benefit:
                        for he absolves you of your every failing,
                        and in your illness he confers his healing;
                        he rescues you and pulls you from the pit.

                        He crowns your days with love and mercy tender,
                        to you in need his blessings he will render.
                        With eagle's vigour he renews your youth.
                        Justly the LORD will cancel all oppression.
                        As he to Moses sent his revelation,
                        so to his people he proclaims his truth.

                        The LORD is gracious in his kind forbearance,
                        slow to be angry, rich in love's abundance.
                        ‘Tis but a short time that he shows his ire;
                        he will not always vent his indignation.
                        Nor will he fully punish our transgression,
                        he does not treat us as our sins require.

                        High as the skies above the earth are founded,
                        so is the love of God for us unbounded.
                        As far removed as east is from the west,
                        so has he put away all our transgression.
                        And like a father he shows his compassion;
                        he knows that we are fragile as the dust.

                        Our days are fleeting as the season's grasses,
                        like faded flowers, life so quickly passes:
                        one gust of wind will sweep it all away.
                        Yet our LORD's love extends to those who fear him
                        and to their children's children who revere him,
                        as long as they his covenant obey.

                        The LORD's domain is lofty in its station,
                        his righteous rule extends through all creation.
                        O praise the LORD, you angels at his side.
                        Praise, mighty ones who at his will are serving,
                        whose faithfulness to him is yet unswerving;
                        sing praise, all you who in his word abide.
                        Praise the LORD's name, you heavenly hosts before him,
                        creatures of earth, come praise him and adore him.
                        O praise the LORD, my soul, and praise his name!

Psalm 104

PDF files

(10 10 11 11 10 10 11 11)

O bless the LORD, my soul, his praise proclaim.
O LORD my God, how very great your fame!
Splendour and honour like a cloak surround you,
while you have wrapped the radiant light around you.
Stretching the canvas of the firmament
above our heads as though it were a tent,
upon the lofty clouds you build your dwelling,
your chariot glides across the zephyrs swelling.

The winds convey your tidings everywhere;
at your behest the blazing fires flare.
You set the earth upon its firm foundation
that it might stand through every agitation.
As with a garment you enclothed the ground,
covering with water all the earth around.
At your rebuke the coursing floods receded;
and at your voice the mighty deep retreated.

The mountains rose above the chastened sea,
the valleys settled where they were to be.
Setting the boundaries to the waters roaring,
you kept the teeming sea from overflowing.
You cause the streams to spring up in the dale,
running between the mountains through the vale.
Providing to the beasts water refreshing,
they give the donkeys drink their thirst for quenching.

Upon their banks the birds their nests have laid;
among the branches they their songs have played.
You drench the mountains with precipitation;
your works have filled our earthly habitation.
You make the grass our cattle to sustain,
and for our food you've given fruit and grain;
free-flowing wine to make our spirits cheerful,
shimmering oil and bread for which we're thankful.

The LORD gives water to the trees below,
and rain to make cedars of Leb'non grow.
In them the birds have built their habitation,
a shelter for their future generation.
Goats wander over towering mountain peak;
badgers beneath the rocks a refuge seek.
You've made the moon to mark the seasons' passing,
the sun to know the time it should be setting.

Darkness you've made, and when the night's ensued,
the forest beasts emerge to seek their food.
The youthful lions for their prey are roaring;
their sustenance from God they are imploring.
When the sun rises, then they go to sleep,
lying within their dens in slumber deep,
while people rise to start their daily labour
and work until the nightfall ends their labour.

O LORD, how many are the works you've done!
In wisdom you have made them, every one.
The earth is full of each created wonder.
The great expanse of sea is roaring yonder.
Beasts without number creep along the ground,
large and small creatures moving all around.
Ships ply the seas and sail to distant nation;
even leviathan is your creation.

All creatures look to you for sustenance;
and in due course you give them nourishment.
What you bestow on them they gather gladly;
your open hand has given to them freely.
They are in terror when you hide your face;
when you deprive of breath, they leave this place.
You send your spirit to renew creation
and to the earth bring life and your salvation.

Now may the glory that the LORD displays
endure for ever and for endless days.
May he delight in what his hands have fashioned,
who sparks volcanoes and the earthquake's passion.
All of my life I'll sing to praise the LORD;
while I draw breath, my God will be adored.
May he be pleased to hear my meditation,
for in the LORD I find my jubilation.
Let sinners be removed from all the earth,
and wicked vanish from their place of birth.
O my soul, offer to the LORD your praises.
Praise to the LORD! Sing to the LORD your praises!

Note: The word fires in the second line of stanza two is pronounced with two syllables.

Psalm 110

PDF file

(11 10 11 10)

                        The LORD said to my Lord, "Sit at my right hand,
                        and I will make a footstool of your foes."
                        God will extend your rule throughout the whole land;
                        amidst your enemies your sceptre goes.

                        Your holy birth in Zion did betoken
                        princely estate arrayed in majesty.
                        His solemn oath the LORD has plainly spoken,
                        "A priest you are and for eternity."

                        At your right hand the LORD in holy anger
                        shatters the nations with a crushing blow.
                        Streams by the path refresh him midst the danger;
                        he lifts his head up o'er the earth below.

Psalm 111

PDF file
(889 889)

Alleluia! Thanks I'll render
with all my being to the LORD
among the godly who are gathered
within the great congregation.
Great are the deeds the LORD has done,
pondered by everyone who loves them.

His glorious works are majestic;
his justice ever shall endure.
All shall recall his many wonders.
Our gracious LORD shows his mercy.
Those who have feared him he will feed;
his covenant he will remember.

He shows his power to his people
in giving them the nations' wealth.
His handiwork is truth and justice;
trustworthy are all his precepts,
remaining firm for evermore,
performed in truth and in uprightness.

He gives his people redemption,
he stands behind his promises,
his holy name is to be honoured.
Fearing the LORD brings us wisdom,
from which all understanding comes.
His praises shall endure for ever.

Psalm 112

PDF file

(999 999)

Alleluia! Blest be the person
who fears the LORD and finds fulfilment
in following all his commandments.
His progeny will come to power
over the land; the generation
of righteous ones are ever blessed.

Riches and wealth are in his dwelling;
his justice shall endure for ever.
Light pierces darkness for the righteous.
Quick to show justice and great mercy,
he flourishes who shares his bounty;
in all he does his ways are justice.

The righteous shall stand firm for ever;
the just will ever be remembered.
He has no fear of evil tidings;
He with firm heart the LORD is trusting;
he will not fear; his heart is steadfast.
He'll live to see his foes' destruction.

To all the poor he's freely given;
his righteousness endures for ever;
his might is to be held in honour.
The wicked sees it and is angry;
he grinds his teeth and he will vanish;
his aspirations come to nothing.

Psalm 113

PDF file

(889 889)

                                Sing praise, you servants of the LORD,
                                and praise his name with one accord.
                                Blest be the LORD's name now and ever.
                                From where we see the rising sun
                                to where it sets when day is done
                                shall the Lord's name be praised for ever.

                                Above all nations is the LORD
                                exalted and by all adored;
                                his glory far surpasses heaven.
                                Who with the LORD our God compares?
                                He is enthroned above the spheres;
                                he gazes down on earth and heaven.

                                The poor he raises up in grace,
                                the needy to a higher place,
                                and lets them sit in princely splendour.
                                The woman once deprived of sons
                                finds joy among her little ones.
                                To God our LORD your praises render!

Psalm 114

PDF file

(10 10 7 D)

                        When Israël escaped out of Egypt
                        and Jacob left a strange-speaking people,
                        God set apart his nation.
                        River and sea both dried up at the sight;
                        like frightened rams the mountains fled in haste,
                        the hills in consternation.

                        What makes you part, O vast sea, before us?
                        Why drain away, O river of Jordan?
                        Why flee, O hills and mountains?
                        Tremble, O earth, your Lord and Master comes,
                        our God who quenches thirst from lifeless rock
                        and turns the flint to fountains.

Psalm 116

PDF file

(10 11 11 10)

                        I love the LORD, for he has heard my plea;
                        he turned to listen when I called upon him.
                        The snares of death drew near to overtake me;
                        in my distress I called the LORD by name.

                        The LORD is righteous, merciful and good;
                        to us our God is kind and tenderhearted.
                        In his compassion he protects the humble;
                        when I was low he came to save my life.

                        Rest, weary soul, turn from your many cares,
                        for in his love the LORD has treated kindly;
                        he keeps my eyes from tears, my feet from stumbling;
                        amidst the living I will serve the Lord.

                        I still believe despite adversity,
                        even when no one else is to be trusted.
                        What can I give to God for all his goodness?
                        Thanks will I offer to his holy name.

                        That which I vowed to God I will fulfil
                        within the presence of his chosen people.
                        In the Lord's sight are they held to be precious
                        who yet in death are faithful to his ways.

                        I am your servant; truly, LORD, I am.
                        Loosen my bonds and I will serve you ever;
                        so will I call your name and sing your praises
                        and pay my vows within your courts, O LORD.

Psalm 117

PDF file

(88 88 88)

To God the LORD your praises sing;
let all the nations honour bring!
Extol him, people everywhere,
for wondrous is his love and care;
the faithful promise of the LORD
endures for ever. Praise the LORD!

Psalm 118

PDF file

(98 98 D)

                                Thanks to the LORD for all his goodness;
                                his love endures for evermore.
                                Let everyone in Israel say it:
                                his love endures for evermore.
                                Let all the house of Aaron tell it:
                                his love endures for evermore.
                                Let all who fear the LORD announce it:
                                his love endures for evermore.

                                In my distress I called the LORD God,
                                who answered me and set me free.
                                I shall not fear with GOD on my side;
                                what can mere mortals do to me?
                                With the LORD's help I gain the victory,
                                secure from those who would devour.
                                Better to make the LORD your refuge
                                than to put faith in princely power.

                                All nations gathered to assail me;
                                in the LORD's name I cut them down.
                                On every side did they surround me;
                                in the LORD's name I cut them down.
                                Like vicious bees they swarmed around me;
                                they flared like thorns in arid ground
                                and were extinguished just as quickly;
                                in the LORD's name I cut them down.

                                Pushed to the brink, about to falter,
                                the LORD has come to rescue me.
                                My strength and song are in the LORD God,
                                who saved me from my enemy.
                                Hear all the shouts of joyous triumph
                                upon the lips of righteousness:
                                The LORD's right hand is full of power,
                                performing deeds of gloriousness.

                                I shall not die but go on living
                                to tell of the LORD's power to save.
                                Though the LORD punished me severely,
                                he did not leave me to the grave.
                                Open the gates of justice to me
                                that I may thank the living LORD;
                                for all the righteous now will enter
                                in through the portal of the LORD.

                                I give you thanks that you responded
                                and have become the saving one.
                                The stone rejected by the builders
                                has now become the cornerstone.
                                This is what God the LORD accomplished,
                                so wondrous now before our sight.
                                This is the day the LORD has fashioned;
                                let us find in it our delight.

                                O LORD, we pray you, grant salvation;
                                give to your chosen ones success.
                                Blest he who enters in the LORD's name;
                                from the LORD's house may you be blessed.
                                The LORD our God will shine upon us.
                                Process into his holy place.
                                You are my God and I will thank you;
                                you are my God; I give you praise.

                                Thanks to the LORD for all his goodness;
                                his love endures for evermore!

Psalm 119

PDF files  

(10 11 10 11 10 11)


How blest are they whose way is without blame,
who walk within the law the LORD has given.
Blessed are they who follow his commands
and, shunning evil, seek him with their whole hearts.
Doing no wrong, they follow in his ways.
You have commanded that we keep your precepts.

May all my ways be steadfast in your word.
Then I will not by shame be overtaken,
keeping my vision fixed on your commands.
So with a faithful heart I'll ever praise you,
when you have taught me all your just decrees.
I'll keep your statutes; please do not forsake me!


How can the young keep pure in all their ways?
Only by living as your word directs them.
My heart has sought you; let me never stray.
Your word within my heart has found a dwelling.
Praises are due to you, O LORD above.
Teach me to keep the law that you have given.

My lips recount the laws your mouth declares.
I take great joy in following your statutes,
much as the rich rejoice in their great wealth.
Upon your precepts I, while meditating,
consider and delight in your decrees;
O that your word I might not be neglecting.


          Your servant treat with generosity
          that I may live your words with full devotion.
          Open my eyes that I might see your law.
          Though in your land I live as but a stranger,
          do not withhold your precepts from my eyes.
          My soul with fervour longs for your commandments.
Those who rebel against your holy word
take from my sight with all their scornful mocking,
for I have faithfully kept your decrees.
Though princes plot maliciously against me,
yet will your servant ponder your commands.
I take delight in heeding your instruction.

When I am low, revive me by your word.
I told you of my ways and you responded;
teach me to keep your statutes in my heart.
Make me to grasp the pattern of your precepts
that I may know the wonders you have wrought.
My soul is grieving; may your word uplift me.

Keep me from walking pathways of deceit,
and through your holy law to me be gracious.
I choose the way of truth; I love your laws.
For I have held fast to your testimonies,
So let me not be put to utter shame.
You’ve freed my heart to follow your commandments.

ה HE

Teach me, O LORD, the way of your decrees,
and I will keep them till life’s journey’s ended.
Grant wisdom so that I may keep your law.
Direct me in the way of your commandments,
for in their words I find my heart’s delight.
Turn me from gain and towards your precious statutes.

Avert my eyes from viewing worthless things,
and give me life that I may know your pathways.
Fulfil your promise that you may be feared.
Take from my sight the burden of dishonour,
for your decrees are righteous every one.
O, how I long for your life-giving precepts.


May your unswerving love soon come to me;
grant me salvation, just as you have promised.
Trusting your word, I answer every taunt.
Take not your word of truth away from my lips,
for I have trusted in your righteous law.
For ever shall I keep your holy statutes.

Now shall I walk about at liberty,
for I have sought the precepts that you proffer.
I speak your word to rulers without shame.
I find delight in your beloved statutes.
I lift my hands in love for your commands;
on your decrees I make my meditation.


Recall your word in which I find my hope.
This is my comfort in my sore affliction:
Your faithful promise is my source of life.
Men who are godless hold me in derision,
but I do not forsake your holy law.
I take great comfort in your ancient statutes.

Indignant anger overwhelms my heart,
due to the wicked who ignore your statutes.
Whither I go I sing of your decrees.
Your name, O LORD, I call to mind at night time,
and I maintain the precepts of your law.
This is my blessing: I keep your commandments.


LORD, you are mine: I will obey your words.
Your favour have I sought with all my being;
As you have promised, show to me your grace.
Your ways have I brought to consideration,
Turning my feet to follow your commands.
I will make haste to keep your testimonies.

Though I be snared by those with wicked hearts,
Yet will I not forget your holy statutes.
At night I’ll wake to praise your just commands.
I am a friend to all who keep your precepts.
Your steadfast love, O LORD, fills all the earth;
teach me to keep the laws that you have given.


True to your word, LORD, you have done me good.
Instruct me in your wisdom and your judgement,
for I believe the words of your commands.
I wandered far before I was afflicted;
now I adhere to all your righteous laws.
Source of all good, make me to know your statutes.

Arrogant ones defame me with their lies,
yet have I kept with all my heart your precepts.
Despite their callousness I love your law.
’Twas not for naught I suffered such affliction:
better to learn to treasure your decrees.
Your law is more to me than gold and silver.


Your hands have made me; help me understand
so that I learn your precepts. Those who fear you
rejoice at me, for I hope in your word.
I know, O LORD, your judgements all are righteous,
and you’ve chastised me in your faithfulness.
May your great love console me, as you’ve promised.

 Show mercy, for your law is my delight.
 May shame descend on everyone who wrongs me,
 while I shall meditate upon your law.
 Let those who fear you turn to me with favour,
 those who have understood all your commands.
 May my heart, free from shame, follow your statutes.


 My soul is yearning for your saving grace,
 my hope is in your word. My eyes are failing,
 seeking your promise; when will comfort come?
 Though I am useless as a shrivelled wineskin,
 still I do not forget your wise decrees.
 How long until you punish my oppressors?

Lawless ones seek to trap me in their snares.
Constant and firm are all of your commandments;
save me from those who slander without cause.
For evil ones my life had nearly ended,
yet all your precepts I have not ignored.
Preserve my life and I will keep your statutes.


For ever, LORD, your word is fixed above.
Your faithfulness lasts through all generations;
you set the earth in place and it stands firm.
Your law endures; all creatures are your servants.
Had not your law been always my delight,
I would have perished in my great affliction.

Never shall I your precepts put aside,
for by them you true life to me have given.
Save me; I’m yours, for I have sought your law.
The wicked plot against me to destroy me,
but all my thoughts are of your holy law.
There is no limit to your law’s perfection.


O how I love the precepts of your law!
Through all the day they are my meditation.
Your statutes make me wiser than my foes.
Wiser am I than all those who have taught me,
wiser still than the elders of the land,
for I have pondered and obeyed your statutes.

I’ve kept my feet from walking evil paths,
so that I might obey the word you taught me,
for I have not departed from your laws.
Sweeter than honey is your word of promise.
Wisdom will come from knowing your commands.
I hate the crooked pathways of deception.

Your word is as a lantern to my feet, 
lighting the path ways stretched ahead before me.
I've sworn an oath to keep your righteous ways.
Now I am troubled and greatly afflicted;
LORD, give me life according to your word!
Accept my offerings; teach me all your statutes.

Though I may take my life into my hands,
yet will I not forget the law you've given.
Faithful I'll be amid the wicked's snares.
Your precepts are my heritage for ever,
bringing great joy and gladness to my heart.
My heart will ever keep true to your statutes.


Divided hearts I hate, yet in my heart
I love your law. You are my shield and refuge;
I place my hope in your life-giving word.
Off with the wicked ones that I might follow
God’s law. Sustain me by your promised word,
so I will live. Let not my hope be vanquished.

Uphold and keep me, and I will be safe;
my eyes are fixed upon your holy statutes.
You spurn deceitful ones who scorn your law.
Like dross are all earth’s wicked who reject you,
therefore I deeply love all your commands.
Trembling in awe, your statutes do I honour.


I’ve done what’s right; let me not be oppressed.
Defend the welfare of your faithful servant;
prevent the arrogant oppressing me.
My eyes have failed from watching for your promise
and for your saving word to be fulfilled.
Show me your steadfast love; teach me your statutes.

I am your servant; grant me clarity
that I might understand all your instructions.
Act, LORD, against all those who break your law.
Your wise commandments I have surely treasured;
more precious are they than the finest gold.
Spurning deception, I live by your precepts.

ף PE

Your wondrous statutes gladly I obey.
Your words unfold to shed their light upon us,
bestowing knowledge on the simple ones.
My mouth is longing, panting for your precepts.
Turn to me and be gracious in your love,
as is your way with everyone who loves you.

Steady my steps according to your word;
let not iniquity become my master.
Let not oppression keep me from your law.
Make your face shine upon your willing servant;
teach me to keep the statutes you decree.
I weep because your law is disregarded.

    צ TSADI

You, LORD, are righteous and your judgements true.
Upright are all the statutes you have laid down.
Constant are they; trustworthy is your word.
Passionate zeal is burning deep within me,
for all my enemies ignore your words.
Your proven promises are well beloved.

Though I be lonely, though I be despised,
yet do I not forget your holy precepts.
Your justice ever lasts; your law is true.
Anguish and trouble constantly surround me,
yet my delight is in your right commands.
Make me to know your just life-giving statutes.


My heart cries out; pray answer me, O LORD.
Your judgements I observe. To you I’m calling.
If you but save me, I will keep your ways.
Before the dawn I rise to ask assistance.
My hope is in the word that you have given.
My eyes awake that I might know your promise.

According to your love, LORD, hear my voice;
preserve my life according to your statutes.
Those who plot evil stray far from your law.
You, LORD, are close to me, and your commandments
are perfect truth. Long have I been aware
that all your testimonies last for ever.


See how I suffer; come and rescue me,
for I have not forgotten all your precepts.
Redeem my life according to your word.
Salvation flees those who seek not your statutes.
Many are all your mercies to me, LORD.
Preserve my life according to your precepts.

Though all my foes oppress me without end,
yet I’ve not turned aside from your instruction.
I loathe the faithless who forsake your law.
Consider how I love your holy precepts;
according to your love preserve my life.
Your word is true, your righteous law eternal.


Princes may persecute me without cause,
but at your word my heart within me trembles.
I am rejoicing at your treasured law.
Falsehood I hate, but your law do I cherish.
Seven times daily I will sing your praise
in gratitude for all your righteous precepts.

They have great peace who love your holy law;
nothing can make them falter in the pathway.
Waiting for rescue, LORD, I keep your ways.
I will obey your statutes, for I love them.
Your precepts and your statues I maintain,
for every way of mine is set before you.


May my cry come before your presence, LORD,
and by your word, pray give me understanding.
As you have promised, come and rescue me.
My lips sing praise to you for all your teachings.
My tongue will sing to celebrate your word,
for righteous are the precepts you have given.

May your hand help me, for I choose your law.
LORD, how I long for you to grant salvation;
I find delight within your holy law.
That I may praise you, let your laws sustain me.
I wander as a sheep that’s gone astray.
Seek me, for I forget not your commandments.

Psalm 121

PDF file

(866 877)

                                I lift my eyes up to the hills;
                                from where is help to come?
                                My help is in the LORD.
                                He who has made both heaven and earth
                                will never let your foot slip;
                                he shelters you with his word.

                                The LORD who watches Israël
                                will slumber not nor sleep;
                                he keeps you in his sight.
                                With GOD remaining close at hand,
                                no harm can dare come near you
                                by light of day or by night.

                                The LORD will guard you from all harm
                                and cast his eyes on you;
                                your life he will restore.
                                The LORD regards you as you come,
                                and as you go he watches
                                both now and for evermore.

Psalm 122

PDF file

(8888 88 9898)

My longing heart rejoiced to hear:
"Let us ascend with one accord
up to the temple of the LORD!"
Jerusalem, our feet are here,
standing within your portals broad.
Jerusalem, city of God,
built for compactness and unity;
to which the fam'lies of the LORD
go up, according to his word,
to offer thanks unto the LORD's name.

For there the thrones of judgement stand,
the thrones of David's royal line.
Pray that Jerusalem may find
the peace that comes from God's right hand.
May those who love you be secure.
May peace within your walls be sure.
May you be granted prosperity.
To kinfolk and to faithful friends:
may you know peace that never ends.
For the LORD's house your good do I seek.

Psalm 124

PDF file

(10 10 10 10 10)

                                Had not the LORD been on his people's side,
                                if he were not with us in our distress,
                                when all our foes assailed us in their pride,
                                we would be swallowed up in hatefulness
                                and by their torrents would be swept aside.

                                Praise to the LORD who lent his gracious aid,
                                who did not leave us to our foes' sharp teeth,
                                who freed us from the snares that they had laid;
                                he tore their nets, we fled from underneath.
                                Our help is in the LORD who all things made.

Psalm 125

PDF file

(966 995)

                                Those who have trusted in the LORD God
                                are firm as Zion's hill,
                                which evermore shall stand.
                                As hills surround the holy city,
                                so shall the LORD encircle his own
                                both now and ever.

                                No wicked sceptre shall oppress us
                                or stretch its evil sway
                                across the promised land.
                                For godless rulers might corrupt us;
                                even the righteous, following them,
                                might take to evil.
                                Be good, O LORD, to those who love you,
                                to those of upright heart
                                who follow in your paths.
                                But those who travel twisted byways
                                may GOD expel with those who do ill.
                                Peace be to Israel!

Psalm 126

PDF file

(88 88 99 88)

                        When Zion's captives were brought home,
                        we thought it surely was a dream.
                        Then joyous laughter filled our mouths
                        and happy songs were on our lips.
                        ‘Twas even said among the nations,
                        "Their God has truly come to save them."
                        Indeed the LORD has done great things,
                        our hearts are overwhelmed with joy.

                        LORD, bring the captives home again
                        like winter streams in desert lands.
                        Those who have planted bitter tears
                        will reap new songs of happiness.
                        They went away in sorrow weeping
                        with seeds of sadness to be sowing,
                        but they return with songs of joy,
                        their happy harvest bringing home.

Psalm 127

PDF file

(88 88 88)

Unless the living LORD shall build,
the builders' aims go unfulfilled.
Unless the LORD himself defend,
on sentries we cannot depend.
In vain you early wake to rise;
in vain you close your weary eyes.

Though you may toil to earn your bread,
you'll soundly sleep upon your bed.
Sons are a blessing from the LORD,
the fruitful womb a great reward.
Like arrows in a warrior's hand
are strapping youths who by you stand.

Happy and blessèd are the ones
who find their quiver full of sons:
they will not suffer injury
when challenged by an enemy. [repeat last four lines of music]

Psalm 128

PDF file

(76 76 76 76)

How blest are all whose reverence

is for the living LORD;
their ways are truly fashioned
according to his word.
Your labour will be fruitful;
your pantry will be full.
Your happiness will beam forth;
with you will all be well.

Your wife will be prolific –
as fruitful as the vine
that grows within your dwelling,
along its walls entwined.
Like olive trees your children
around your table grow.
The one who fears the LORD will
have blessings here below.

From out of Zion's mountain,
the LORD bless all your ways.
May you see Salem flourish
throughout your many days.
Live long to see your children
bear children and increase!
May you see Israel prosper
in everlasting peace!

Psalm 130

PDF file

(76 76 D)

                                Out of the depths I call you,
                                LORD, listen when I cry!
                                Hear me in your compassion
                                and heed my restless sigh.
                                If you should mark transgressions,
                                LORD, who of us could live?
                                But we will gladly praise you,
                                for you in grace forgive.

                                I wait upon the LORD God
                                and trust his promised word.
                                More than I long for daybreak,
                                my soul now seeks the LORD.
                                O Israel, trust the LORD God
                                and his unfailing grace,
                                for he is full of mercy
                                and saves our sinful race.

Psalm 131

PDF file


                                O LORD, no pride is in my heart
                                nor lofty things before my eyes.
                                I keep myself from matters great,
                                from marvels far beyond my ken.

                                It is enough to leave my soul
                                in quiet and tranquility,
                                much as a child in mother's arms.
                                Hope in the LORD, O Israël.

Psalm 133

PDF file

(11 11 8 10 10 8)

Behold, how right and good it is whenever
brethren have dwelt harmoniously together!
It is like precious oils that flow
upon the consecrated priestly head;
down to the beard their goodness too is shed;
even to Aaron's beard they go.

Anointing oils flow down along the trimming
of Aaron's garments where their drops are gleaming,
as if the dew that oft descends
on Hermon's mountains were to come and rest
on Zion's mount where God his people blessed
with blissful life that never ends.

Psalm 134

PDF file


                                You faithful servants of the LORD,
                                sing out his praise with one accord,
                                while serving him with all your might
                                and keeping vigil through the night.

                                Unto his house lift up your hand
                                and to the LORD your praises send.
                                May GOD who made the earth and sky
                                bestow his blessings from on high.

Psalm 136

PDF file

(77 77)

                                Thank the LORD, for he is good;
                                give thanks to the God of gods;
                                for his love, so faithfully,
                                lasts through all eternity.

                                Give thanks to the Lord of lords,
                                whose great deeds we now record;
                                for his love, so faithfully,
                                lasts through all eternity.

                                He created heaven on high,
                                and the earth beneath the sky;
                                for his love, so faithfully,
                                lasts through all eternity.

                                He made every heav'nly light,
                                sun and moon and stars so bright;
                                for his love, so faithfully,
                                lasts through all eternity.

                                Slaying sons in Egypt's land,
                                he freed Israel from their hand;
                                for his love, so faithfully,
                                lasts through all eternity.

                                He with might on our behalf
                                split the Sea of Reeds in half;
                                for his love, so faithfully,
                                lasts through all eternity.

                                He led Israel on dry ground,
                                while the troops of Pharaoh drowned;
                                for his love, so faithfully,
                                lasts through all eternity.

                                Through the desert wastes he led,
                                causing kingly blood to shed;
                                for his love, so faithfully,
                                lasts through all eternity.

                                Pagan chieftains did he slay,
                                who stood in his people's way;
                                for his love, so faithfully,
                                lasts through all eternity.

                                He gave into Israel's hands
                                as a legacy their lands;
                                for his love, so faithfully,
                                lasts through all eternity.

                                He raised us when we were low,
                                rescued us from every foe;
                                for his love, so faithfully,
                                lasts through all eternity.
                                He gives food to all that live;
                                to the Lord your thanks now give;
                                for his love, so faithfully,
                                lasts through all eternity.

Psalm 137

PDF file

(11 11 10 10 11 11)

                        Beside the Babylonian rivers flowing,
                        we sat and wept while Zion's mount recalling
                        and hung our harps upon the willow tree.
                        Those who had brought us to captivity
                        called us to summon mirth from out of mourning:
                        "A song of Zion we would have you singing."

                        How could we sing the song the LORD has given
                        far from the land from which we once were driven?
                        If I forget you, O Jerusalem,
                        may my right arm soon wither on its stem.
                        And may my tongue refrain from ever speaking,
                        if I my joy in Zion am not seeking.

                        Recall, O LORD, when Edom's pagan nation
                        called for your holy city's ruination:
                        "Pull down its walls and bring it to its end!"
                        Daughter of Babel, doomed to meet your end,
                        happy are they who treat you as you've treated
                        us and destruction to your own have meted.

Psalm 138

PDF file

(89 89 D)

                                I thank you, LORD, with all my heart,
                                and offer songs of acclamation.
                                Within the presence of the gods
                                I sing your praise with jubilation.
                                Bowing before your temple now,
                                I offer to your name thanksgiving
                                for your great love and faithfulness.
                                Your name surpasses all things living.

                                You quickly answered when I called,
                                new vigour to my heart bestowing.
                                All earthly rulers praise you, LORD,
                                for all the words from your mouth flowing.
                                They sing to celebrate the LORD,
                                extolling all his ways most holy.
                                Though our exalted LORD is great,
                                he spurns the lofty for the lowly.

                                Though I may walk in troubled ways,
                                my life is under your protection.
                                Shielding me from my foes' great wrath,
                                your mighty arm has worked redemption.
                                The sovereign LORD for me will yet
                                fulfil his own divine intention.
                                Your love, O LORD, ever endures:
                                Do not cast off your own creation.

Psalm 140

PDF file

(89 98)

Rescue me, LORD, from those who do wrong;
and keep me from the violent ones,
who in their hearts do works of evil
inciting conflict constantly.

Their tongues are sharp as crafty serpents',
with venom oozing from their lips.
Guard me, O LORD, from all the wicked,
from violent ones who trip me up.

Arrogant ones have slyly hidden
a trap to capture me within,
placing their net that I might stumble
into the snare they set for me.

You are my God, I say to the LORD,
so listen when I cry to you.
O LORD, my Lord, strong to deliver,
you keep me safe when battles rage.

Grant not, O LORD, the wicked man's wish;
do not advance his evil plot!
May those who raise their heads to harm me
be overwhelmed by their own schemes!

May burning coals descend upon them!
Let them be thrown into the pit.
Defend us from all those who slander;
may evil plague the violent ones!

I know the LORD will save the stricken,
bring justice to the needy ones.
The righteous will give thanks to your name,
the upright in your presence dwell.

Psalm 141

PDF file

(98 89)

                        LORD, I call to you; haste to help me!
                        O hear me when I cry to you;
                        like incense do my prayers arise,
                        and so my hands like evening offerings.

                        Set, O LORD, a guard at my mouth's door,
                        and keep a watch upon my lips.
                        Let not my heart be turned to wrong,
                        nor to the evil deeds of sinners.

                        May I never share in their feasting,
                        but bear all righteous chastisement.
                        O keep the wicked from my head;
                        my prayer is yet against their evil.

                        When their rulers shall be unseated,
                        then they shall know my words were true;
                        as rocks are smashed upon the ground,
                        so are their bones mortally scattered.

                        LORD, yet now my eyes are to you turned;
                        my shelter, leave me not exposed.
                        Keep me away from all their snares
                        and from the traps set by the wicked.

Psalm 143

PDF file

(998 98)

                                Listen, LORD, to the prayer I offer,
                                heed now my words of supplication.
                                Answer me in your faithfulness.
                                Judge not your servant without mercy,
                                for none are righteous in your sight.

                                All my foes constantly pursue me,
                                crushing me in the dust beneath them,
                                leading me into death's long night.
                                My spirit faints in trepidation;
                                my heart within is filled with fear.

                                Ages past have I yet remembered
                                and called to mind your deeds of mercy,
                                thinking on what your hands have made.
                                I stretch my arms out to embrace you,
                                thirsting for your refreshing love.

                                Hurry, LORD, answer my petition,
                                before my spirit fails within me.
                                No longer turn your face aside,
                                lest I should perish ever after
                                and join all those within the pit.

                                Let me hear of your lovingkindness
                                rising as sunlight in the morning,
                                for I have put my trust in you.
                                Show me the paths that I should follow;
                                to you I lift my waiting soul.

                                Save me, LORD, from the foes that hound me;
                                I flee into your arms for shelter.
                                Teach me your perfect will to do;
                                you are my God, so let your spirit
                                lead me to walk on level ground.

                                For the sake of your name, O LORD God,
                                maintain my life within your keeping,
                                protect me in your righteousness.
                                In your great love destroy oppression,
                                for I am yet your servant, Lord.

Psalm 145

PDF file

(10 10 10 10 11 11 11 11)

This versification and arrangement is dedicated to
Dr. Jacob Ellens on the occasion of his retirement from
Redeemer University College in 2012.

My God and King, I'll tell abroad your fame,
and I will ever bless your holy name.
From day to day I'll bless your majesty,
and praise your name through all eternity.
Great is the LORD and worthy of our praises;
great is his name, surpassing earthly places.
Your works are told to every generation,
your mighty acts throughout the whole creation.

Upon the splendour of your majesty
and on your works I'll ponder ceaselessly.
Your mighty wonders we will celebrate,
and I will tell abroad your marvels great.
They'll celebrate your goodness overflowing,
and sing aloud your righteousness all-knowing.
The LORD is merciful and very gracious,
slow to be angry, full of loving kindness.

To everything the LORD's love is displayed,
and his compassion flows to all he made.
Your many works will give you thanks and praise;
your faithful ones will bless your holy ways.
They shall recount your kingdom's endless glory
and of your mighty power recite the story,
so that all people know your deeds of wonder
and your majestic kingdom's glorious splendour.

Your kingdom through eternity is sure,
your reign for generations shall endure.
His promises the LORD will yet maintain;
his grace extends throughout his vast domain.
The LORD upholds all people who are falling
and those bowed down to lofty heights is calling.
To you our eyes look with anticipation,
and you provide us food in proper season.

When we're in need, your bounty you will bring,
quelling the hunger of each living thing.
The LORD works righteousness in all his ways
and kindness shows to those in every place.
The LORD is near to all who call upon him,
to all who, seeking truth, rely upon him.
He meets the needs of all of them who fear him,
hearing and saving those who will revere him.

To those who love him GOD offers protection,
but on the wicked he will rain destruction.
My mouth will praise the LORD, and now together,
all living creatures, praise his name for ever! [repeat last four lines of music]

Psalm 146

PDF file

(87 87 77)

Praise the LORD; sing alleluia!
O my soul, sing forth his praise.
Praises will my voice be chanting
to the LORD through all my days.
To my God my lips shall give
songs of praise while yet I live.

 Put no trust in mighty princes,
nor misplace your confidence
in the fleeting ways of mortals,
who provide no sure defence.
They return to earth at death;
their best plans are but a breath.

 Those who in the God of Jacob
seek for help find happiness;
they whose hope is in the LORD God
find that he is quick to bless.
For the heaven and earth he made
and the sea’s foundations laid.

He keeps faith with us for ever,
justice gives to the oppressed.
He feeds those who suffer hunger,
comforts all who are distressed,
setting captive people free,
opens eyes that cannot see.

Our LORD raises up the lowly;
our LORD loves the righteous ones.
Our LORD watches over strangers,
widows and the orphaned ones.
But all those of wicked ways,
he cuts short their sinful days.

Our LORD reigns for ever more,
Zion’s God. Alleluia! [repeat last two lines of music]

Psalm 148

PDF file

(88 88 99 88)

                        Let all the heavens praise the LORD;
                        you heights above, his praise record.
                        Praise him, you angels round his throne;
                        you heav'nly host, his praise make known.
                        Sun, moon above us, sing his praises;
                        stars shining from exalted places.
                        You lofty skies, all sing his laud,
                        you clouds of rain, acclaim your God.

                        Praise, all you creatures, joyfully!
                        At God's command they came to be;
                        for everything he found a place.
                        Let all the earth intone his praise:
                        great whales and fish within the ocean,
                        tempest and storm with wild commotion,
                        forests below and hills above,
                        you birds and beasts, proclaim his love.

                        Rulers of nations far and wide,
                        all who in every land reside;
                        both young and old, announce his fame
                        and glorify the LORD's great name.
                        For he alone is high ascending,
                        his name is over all transcending.
                        His people's fortunes he did raise,
                        therefore, all Israël, sing praise!

Psalm 149

PDF file

(99 97 88 86)

                        Sing praises to the LORD with one voice,
                        in the assembly shout and rejoice.
                        Let Israel to her Maker now sing
                        and Zion joy in her King.
                        Let them all dance to praise his name,
                        strings and drums tell aloud his fame.
                        The LORD delights to hear our praise
                        and humble folk to raise.

                        Let all his faithful shout before him,
                        with joyous hearts kneel and adore him.
                        May their lips godly praises upyield.
                        A sharpened sword shall they wield
                        to enforce justice far and near,
                        punishing pagans everywhere.
                        His chosen he will thus reward.
                        Sing praises to the LORD.

Psalm 150 (Geneva) (Lausanne)

PDF files

(77 77 8 77 8)

                                Praise the LORD with joyous mirth!
                                Praise him in his house on earth;
                                praise him in the heav'nly height.
                                Praise him for his acts of might.
                                Alleluia! alleluia!
                                Praise his all-surpassing grace.
                                Bow and sing before his face:
                                alleluia! alleluia!

                                Praise God with the trumpet sound,
                                harp and lute, his praise resound.
                                Play the timbrel; dance his praise.
                                Strings and flute, extol his ways.
                                Alleluia! alleluia!
                                Clashing cymbals, praise the Lord;
                                all that breathe, with one accord
                                praise the LORD! Sing alleluia!

  Twelve canticles set to metre

(some of Genevan origin,
some in the style of the English and Scottish psalters)

The Decalogue (Strasbourg) (Geneva)

PDF files

Exodus 20

 (88 87 and 98 87 in v. 4)

                                Thus spoke the Lord: I am your God,
                                who brought you out of Egypt's land.
                                One God alone shall you revere
                                and so fulfil my command. (Kyrie eleison!)

                                No graven image shall you make,
                                nor to the lifeless idol pray.
                                Take not God's holy name in vain,
                                nor from his paths shall you stray. (Kyrie eleison!)

                                Joy in the Sabbath rest he gives,
                                laying aside your daily cares.
                                Father and mother shall you love,
                                and render them what is theirs. (Kyrie eleison!)

                                Harm not nor hate the woman or man
                                whom God has granted life's sweet breath.
                                Keep faith with those whom you have vowed
                                to love and cherish till death. (Kyrie eleison!)

                                Take not another's earthly goods.
                                From all deceit your tongue must flee.
                                Seek not what is your neighbour's own,
                                nor covet his property. (Kyrie eleison!)

                                Teach us, O Lord, to love your Law:
                                write all its precepts on our heart,
                                that we may live obediently
                                and from your ways not depart. (Kyrie eleison!)

Note: Underscored syllable indicates two-note melisma in Strasbourg version.

Song of Hannah

PDF file

(I Samuel 2:1-10)

My heart rejoices in the LORD God;
my strength increases in the LORD.
I hold my foes in deep derision,
rejoicing in your saving word.
Next to the LORD none are as holy;
no one beside you can compare.
There is no rock as true and steadfast
as God who keeps us in his care.

Let pride not fill your conversation,
nor shall the boastful claim be made.
For the LORD knows our every action;
by him shall all our deeds be weighed.
The mighty ones, their power is broken;
the weak now have their strength renewed.
They want for bread who once were sated;
those who were hungry lack no food.
The barren womb is filled with children;
she who had sons no more gives birth.
God brings to life at his good pleasure
and closes out our days on earth.
The LORD has made both poor and wealthy,
humbling the great, raising the weak.
The needy ones he seats with princes,
on lofty thrones he puts the meek.
To GOD belong the earth’s foundations;
these he has set upon their place.
He will defend those who are faithful,
but from the wicked turns his face.
Not by our own might do we prosper.
The LORD will shatter all his foes;
from heav’n he thunders forth in anger.
To all the earth his judgement flows.
He offers strength to his anointed,
upon the king his power bestows. [repeat last two lines of music]

Text copyright © 2009 by David T. Koyzis
Tune: GENEVAN 66/98/118

First Song of the Servant of God

PDF file

(Isaiah 42:1-7)

Here is my Servant whom I yet uphold,
my chosen One, my soul’s supreme delight;
my Spirit have I given him of old
that all the nations he may judge aright.

He is not heard along the city street;
he does not raise his voice or loudly shout.
He will not crush the reed beneath his feet,
nor will he put the flickering candle out.

Faithfully he his justice shall declare;
he neither wavers nor is put aside
till justice is established everywhere;
the isles await his law from far and wide.

Thus says the LORD, who set the stars in place,
who brought the earth and all therein to be,
who, breathing life into our mortal race,
gives breath to all that move on land and sea:

“You have I called to serve the cause of right,
so will I guide and take you by the hand.
To all the nations you shall be as light
and as a covenant to every land;

“to open up the eyes that cannot see,
and for the blind their vision to restore;
to set the captive ones at liberty,
that those in dark may see the light once more.”

Text copyright © 1984 by David T. Koyzis
Tune: SONG 22, Orlando Gibbons

Song of the Three Youths

PDF files

(Daniel 3, LXX;

All you works the Lord has made,
bless ye the Lord.
Heavens stretched above our heads,
bless ye the Lord.
Angels who his bidding do,
bless ye the Lord.
   Let your hearts his praise outpour;
   tell his greatness evermore!
Rain clouds passing overhead,
bless ye the Lord.
All you Powers of the Lord,
bless ye the Lord.
Sun and moon that light the sky,
bless ye the Lord.
   Let your hearts his praise outpour;
   tell his greatness evermore!
Stars that twinkle in the night,
bless ye the Lord.
Showers of rain and drops of dew,
bless ye the Lord.
Blowing winds that God has sent,
bless ye the Lord.
   Let your hearts his praise outpour;
   tell his greatness evermore!
Raging fire and searing heat,
bless ye the Lord.
Winter’s cold and summer’s warmth,
bless ye the Lord.
Gentle dew and chilling frost,
bless ye the Lord.
   Let your hearts his praise outpour;
   tell his greatness evermore!
Solid ice and falling snow,
bless ye the Lord.
Dead of night and midst of day,
bless ye the Lord.
Lightest light and darkest dark,
bless ye the Lord.
   Let your hearts his praise outpour;
   tell his greatness evermore!
Lightning bolts and thunder clouds,
bless ye the Lord.
Firmest earth beneath our feet,
bless ye the Lord.
Highest mountain, smallest hill,
bless ye the Lord.
   Let your hearts his praise outpour;
   tell his greatness evermore!
Green things growing on the earth,
bless ye the Lord.
Fountains flowing from the deep,
bless ye the Lord.
Ocean waves and sweeping floods,
bless ye the Lord.
   Let your hearts his praise outpour;
   tell his greatness evermore!
Whales and creatures of the seas,
bless ye the Lord.
Birds that glide upon the air,
bless ye the Lord.
Beasts and cattle grazing near,
bless ye the Lord.
   Let your hearts his praise outpour;
   tell his greatness evermore!
Human creatures loved by God,
bless ye the Lord.
Israel, his chosen ones,
bless ye the Lord.
All who serve the Lord as priests,
bless ye the Lord.
   Let your hearts his praise outpour;
   tell his greatness evermore!
Servants of the living Lord,
bless ye the Lord.
Those who seek out righteousness,
bless ye the Lord.
Holy ones with humble hearts,
bless ye the Lord.
   Let your hearts his praise outpour;
   tell his greatness evermore!
Hananiah, by God’s grace,
come, bless the Lord.
Azariah, whom God helps,
come, bless the Lord.
Mishael, at God’s request,
come, bless the Lord.
   Let your hearts his praise outpour;
   tell his greatness evermore!

Text and music copyright © 2007 by David T. Koyzis
Tune: BENEDICITE, David T. Koyzis

Note: Underscored syllable indicates two-note melisma.

Song of Jonah

PDF file

(Jonah 2:2-9; CMD)

In my distress I sought the LORD,
who hastened to reply.
Within the belly of the grave
you heard my anguished cry.
You hurled me into the abyss,
into the darkest sea;
the waters soon engulfed my life
and billowed over me.

With mournful voice I cried: Alas,
that I am cast away
so far from your protecting gaze
and from the light of day!
How shall my darkened vision see
your holy dwelling place,
as waters rush to still my breath
and weeds cling to my face?

Beneath the mountains of the earth
I felt my soul descend;
down to the very gates of death
my life drew near its end.
But you, O LORD, redeemed my life
and pulled me from the deep;
my fainting soul you did revive
from threat of mortal sleep.

Your mercy, LORD, I then recalled
and put my plea to you.
Idolaters may pray in vain,
forsaking what is true;
but I will voice thanksgiving songs
and pay the vows I swore.
Salvation comes from God alone
both now and evermore.

Text copyright © 1982 by David T. Koyzis
Tune: OLD 18TH, English Psalter, 1561

The Magnificat

PDF files

Luke 1:47-55


My soul declares aloud the greatness of the Lord;
to God who saves my spirit sings, rejoicing in his word.
For he has looked on me despite my humbleness;
and from now on all people shall recall my blessedness.

Great marvels he has done, whose holy name we own;
his mercy ever flows to all that worship God alone.
With his own mighty arm he’s bid the proud depart;
he’s cast the tyrant from his throne and raised the lowly heart.

The hungry he has filled with satisfying foods;
the wealthy he has sent away deprived of worldly goods.
To Jacob whom he chose he lends his gracious aid,
according as his mercies rest on all that he has made.

He blesses Abraham and his posterity,
as to our forebears he has promised for eternity.
All you whom he has made, the Triune God adore;
praise Father, Son and Spirit too, both now and evermore.

Text and music copyright © 1987, 2006 by David T. Koyzis
Tune: SOUTH BEND, David T. Koyzis

Note: Underscored syllable indicates two-note melisma.

The Benedictus

PDF file 

Luke 1:68-79

 (88 88 887 99 11)

                                Praise to the Lord, to Israel’s God
                                who came to bring us redemption,
                                for he has raised from David’s house
                                a mighty power for salvation.
                                He spoke through prophets long ago
                                that he would free us from the foe.
                                He promised father Abr’ham
                                that he would save us, free of all fears,
                                from every enemy that appears,
                                that we might serve in holiness before him.

                                You, little child, are called of God
                                to prophesy to the nation,
                                to go before the Saviour’s way
                                and gladly herald salvation;
                                to tell abroad to all that live
                                that God is anxious to forgive;
                                for through his mercies tender,
                                his rising sun will shine from above,
                                illuming those who strayed from his love,
                                to guide their feet in peace with his own splendour.

Nunc Dimittis

PDF file

Luke 2:29-32

 (667 667)

                                Lord, let your servant go
                                in peace believing now
                                your promised affirmation.
                                My eyes you’ve made to see
                                the One assured to be
                                the source of our salvation.

                                For you’ve prepared in love 
                                a Light sent from above
                                to shine on every nation;
                                a Light revealed to be
                                the glory that we see
                                and Israel's consolation.

Nunc Dimittis (BETHLEHEM)

PDF file

Luke 2:29-32


Lord, let your servant now depart
in everlasting peace;
my eyes have seen salvation’s hope,
my heart is now at ease.
For you’ve prepared a radiant Light,
the darkness to dispel,
to lead the peoples in your ways
and shine on Israel.
The Lord's Prayer (VATER UNSER)

PDF file

Matthew 6:9-13; Luke 11:2-4

Our Father in the heavenly realm,
your name be held in holiness;
your kingdom come, your will be done
on earth just as it is in heaven.
Give us today our daily bread;
forgive us now our grievous sins,

as we forgive all those in turn
whose sins have given grave offence.
Preserve us from temptation's sway,
and save us from the evil one.
To you belong the kingly realm,
the power and glory evermore.

Tune: VATER UNSER, Valentin Schumann's Geistliche Lieder, 1539

    No Condemnation

PDF file

    Romans 8:1-2,9,11

            For those in Christ there is no condemnation;
            the Spirit’s law of life has set you free
            from evil ways that lead to desolation
            through Jesus Christ who saves you graciously.
            For God has done what flesh could not accomplish
            and what the weakened law would never cause,
            sending in flesh his Son all sin to vanquish
            that we be justified under his laws.
            Not of the flesh are you, but of the Spirit,
            if God’s own Spirit lives within your heart.
            Whoever does not have Christ Jesus’ Spirit
            is not his own and from him dies apart.
            If God who Jesus at the resurrection
            lifted up from the grave that wondrous hour
            dwells in you, he will raise up to perfection
            your mortal bodies through his Spirit’s power.

            Text and arrangement copyright © 2009 by David T. Koyzis
  Tune: GENEVAN 110

Philippians Hymn

PDF file

(Philippians 2:6-11)

Christ who is in the form of God
did not retain his lofty place,
but taking on a servant’s role
became a member of our race.

And being found in human form,
humbly he suffered further loss,
by willingly accepting death —
yes, even death upon a cross.

But God has now exalted him
and to the highest place has raised,
and given him that matchless name
of all names worthy to be praised;

that at the name of Jesus Christ
should every creature bend the knee
and every tongue confess him Lord
to God's own glory endlessly.

Text copyright © 1986 by David T. Koyzis
Tune: SONG 34, Orlando Gibbons

Colossians Hymn

PDF file

(Colossians 1:15-20)

Christ is the image of the unseen God,
of all creation he takes pride of place.
In him were all things made in heav’n and earth,
each thing our vision can and cannot trace;
all thrones, dominions, rulerships and powers
exist but only by his sovereign grace.

Before all things he lives eternally,
for all created things in him cohere.
And of the body he is made the head,
the ruler of the church that he holds dear.
He is its source, its origin and spring,
and from the dead the first to reappear.

He conquered death and now he reigns supreme,
for in his person God chose to abide
in all his fulness, and through Jesus Christ
has God now reconciled from far and wide
all things in heav'n and earth, by making peace
through his shed blood when he was crucified.

Text copyright © 1992 by David T. Koyzis
Tune: SONG 1, Orlando Gibbons

Five extrabiblical hymns

Credo in Septuple Metre

PDF file


We all believe in one God, the Father,
who created earth and heaven above.
We believe in Jesus the Saviour,
his only Son, our Lord.

He was conceived by God’s Holy Spirit;
of the Virgin Mary he was born.
He suffered death and was buried,
descending into the grave.

From the dead he rose on the third day,
and he ascended into heav’n on high,
seated at the right of the Father,
on our behalf to intercede.

He will come again in his glory
to judge the living and to judge the dead.
We believe in God’s Holy Spirit
and in one holy cath’lic church,

and in the blest communion of God’s saints,
and in his forgiveness of all our sins,
and the body’s sure resurrection
to life everlasting, life everlasting, life ever more. Amen.

Text and music copyright © 2001 by David T. Koyzis
Tune: LUSIGNAN, David T. Koyzis

Note: Underscored syllable indicates two-note melisma.

Joyous Light
(Phos Hilaron, Φως Ιλαρόν)

PDF file

(88 77 88 77 88 77 88)

Joyous Light so full of glory
of th' immortal Father holy,
heavenly, hallowed, blessèd One,
Jesus Christ, at setting sun,
having seen the twilight glimmer
as the light of day grows dimmer,
we our gladdened voices raise,
singing forth our songs of praise
to the Father, Son and Spirit.
Worthy then are you to hear it
as we joyfully intone
with our voices joined as one,
Son of God, the world's life-giver,
all exalt your name for ever.

Text: 3rd century Greek hymn, versification © 2011 by David T. Koyzis
Tune: Genevan Psalm 77/86 alt., arrangement © 2006 by David T. Koyzis

Te Deum
(tunes: Old 22nd, Forest Green)

PDF files
O God, we praise you, we confess that you alone are Lord,
the everlasting Father, by the whole of earth adored.
To you all angels cry aloud, to you the powers on high,
both cherubim and seraphim, continually do cry:

O holy, holy, holy Lord, whom heavenly hosts obey,
the world is with the glory filled of your majestic ray.
Th'apostles' glorious company, and prophets crowned with light,
with all the white robed martyrs' host, your constant praise recite.

Your holy church throughout the world confesses you to be:
eternal God and Father, of a boundless majesty;
your honoured true and only Son, so worthy of our praise;
the Spirit, our blest Comforter, who dwells in us always.

You are the King of glory, Christ, in faith whom we receive;
the Father's everlasting Son you are, as we believe.
When you did take upon yourself to rescue those of earth,
the Virgin's womb you did not shun nor spurn a humble birth.

When you had conquered death's sharp sting and did its curse undo,
your Kingdom you did open up to all who trust in you.
At God's right hand you ever sit beside the throne of grace,
reflecting in your majesty the Father's glorious face.

We do believe that you will come to judge our every deed;
we therefore pray you, help your servants in their hour of need.
For you have with your precious blood redeemed us graciously;
now make us to be numbered with your saints eternally.

Verses 1-3 adapted from Nahum Tate and Nicholas Brady, 1698;
verses 4-6 and FOREST GREEN harmonization copyright © 2001, 2003 by David T. Koyzis.

I Belong

PDF file

(11 10 11 10 11 10)

In life and death, this is my only comfort:
that I belong, in all I do and say,
not to myself, but to my faithful Saviour —
to Jesus Christ, who took my sins away:
with his own blood he made for me atonement
and freed me from the temptor's evil sway.

The Lord provides, for he is very gracious:
he watches over me, therefore I know
that not a hair can from my head be taken
without my Father's willing it be so;
and I believe that all things work together
for my salvation from infernal woe.

Yes, I belong — and this is my true comfort —
to Jesus Christ, who tells me constantly
that I am his and, through his Holy Spirit,
assures me that I'll live eternally;
he makes me want to serve him now and always,
and live in every way obediently.

E em português:

                   Eu Pertenço

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Na vida_e mor-te_é este_o meu consolo:
Eis que pertenço_ao meu fiel Senhor!
Em Jesus Cristo, não me vem assolo:
De corpo_e alma_eu sou do Salvador.
Seu sangue foi vertido por meu dolo,
Livroume do poder do tentador.

Cristo me_ajuda; como_é gracioso!
Pois nem cabelo podeme cair
Sem que_o meu Pai celeste, tão bondoso,
Façame_à salvação contribuir.
Quero viver pra Ele, pressuroso,
Seu Santo_Espírito_a me garantir.

Text based on question & answer 1 of the Heidelberg Catechism, 1563
Text and music copyright © 1986, 2001 by David T. Koyzis
"Eu Pertenço," Portuguese language text
© 2011 by Lucas Grassi Freire
Tune: HEIDELBERG, David T. Koyzis

A Hymn for Pentecost

PDF file

(10 10 11 11)

O Spirit of God, descend as a dove,
alight on our hearts, fill them with your love.
As once the apostles were touched by your flame,
so rest upon us that new life we may claim.

O Fount of our faith, come, grant us your grace
that we might believe and so find a place
within your blest Kingdom, as promised to all
whom God in his mercy has chosen to call.

O Breath of true life, breathe into our pleas
the words that we dare to speak on our knees;
for we are God's children and heirs of his love,
therefore may we call on our Father above.

O Source of all strength, make us to be bold,
as oft you inspired your prophets of old.
Now give us the courage plainly to declare
your life-giving message to all who will hear.

O Counsellor, come: our spirit renew,
and guide your elect in paths that are true.
O lead us through shadows that darken our way
that we may walk joyfully into the day.

Text copyright © 1985 by David T. Koyzis
Tune: RAVENSCROFT 104, by Thomas Ravenscroft, 1621