The Psalms on Video

There is an increasing number of videos on youtube and elsewhere devoted to performances of the Genevan Psalms. The following are from the major sources for such videos, as indicated by the reference to the channels below the video. Those wishing to find more such videos might try the following keywords, either singly or in combination, when searching youtube and similar sites: Goudimel Psalm Geneva Genfi zsoltar zsoltarok psaumes pseaumes psautier genevois Genève salmo salterio Ginebra Ginevra Genebra Genfer Psalter Lobwasser Geneefse psalmboek Sweelinck &c.
Ali Ufki's Psalm 8
performed by Sarband

Sarband's channel
Ernst Stolz's Psalm 7

Ernst Stolz's Genevan Psalter project

David Koyzis' Psalm 15

ByzantineCalvinist channel

The Psalm Project's Psalm 138

The Psalm Project's channel

Psalm 90
sung by Judit Lengyel

Playlist for Judit Lengyel's performances

Psalm 121
Samenzang Grote Kerk Dordrecht

IJsselm's channel
Psalm 122
J. P. Sweelinck's arrangement

RRPruisscher's channel
Psalm 6
sung by Young Adults Choir "Laudate!" of Langley BC

Frank Ezinga's channel
Psalm 128
Paul Siefert - Lobwasser Psalter

Performed by Vocalconsort Berlin
Psalm 5

Performed by Christoph Dalitz
Psalm 50
Zoltán Kodály's arrangement
Psalm 121
Zoltán Kodály's arrangement

Performed by Musica Sacra kórus
Psalm 96
Arranged by J. P. Sweelinck

Performed by Dordt College Choir
Psalm 150
Arranged by J. P. Sweelinck

Performed by the Cappella Amsterdam
Psalm 19 and 128
Performed by Teachers' Chamber Choir of Komló, Hungary

Bazsika's channel
Psalm 51
sung in Spanish

Reformed Radio
Psalm 113 in Korean

Psalm 119 (David Koyzis)

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